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1993 Zx-7 L Model, 2006 ZX-10R
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After finishing a fix it project I did to get a 2003 SV650 ready for my son I found myself needing to tinker again. I've always had a thing for the ZX7R and found something that will fill the need to tinker. Granted, I think I maybe in over my head on this one but here we go!

This was a 2-for deal for a few hundred bucks. They have issues...

The white one is a 1997 that was once loved and has had a few nice upgrades (though I'm not one to call a chrome frame nice). No title though and a state inspection that dates back to '07. It does have a full Akrapovic system and the radiator is looking as it should. It had all the plastics... Every one of them trashed and now in the trash. The forks are from somewhere else and I'll need help identifying them once I get the bike stripped down. The bolt spacing for the brake calipers is different and was rocking 4-pot Tokico's (not Nissin's). I believe the blue anodizing is custom and not going to help with finding where they came from. I pretty sure the engine is shot too (open secondary air and carbs only just mounted with two or three screws). The tank looks good on the outside but when I shake it it sounds like it has a shit ton of loose rust flakes inside.

The green one is a 01. I have a title for this one but this one was never loved. The frame is showing a little damage too which is disappointing. The engine is ''suppose' to be good. Guess I'll find out soon enough. Other than the tail this one has no other fairings. The forks are bent to the point they wont compress for the icing on the cake. Last state inspection on this one was '12. The tank is a little banged up but should be salvageable/restorable.
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Currently the white one is on the lift with the intention of completely stripping it down for its good/useable parts. Once that's done I start stripping down the green one to then start the rebuild.

I figure between the two bikes I'll have enough to put together a single 'core' that I can then build upon and get ZX7R back on the road.
The engine with open secondary airs is probably okay. You definitely have enough there to make a whole bike. I look forward to the updates
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