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just recently picked up an 03 zx7, with a very dumb street fighter conversion that i am looking to "un-do". so based on when i have seen is that the wire harness is still in place and untampered with so i dont think i will have a problem putting the original cluster back on, this is my only real concern but wont know for sure once i get in to it. i have already bought most of what i need for the front end (bird cage, cluster, head lamps, and ram ducts) so i should be ok for now until i get the fairngs.

what i was hoping to get out this post is possibly some detailed pictures of the cluster-headlamp assembly ( some close up and med pictures of the entire front end with out the front fairing on including Front, Left a and right angles as well as Front -Left and Front-Right) that i can work off of seeing as i can find NO ref pics on google. the manual is helpful but pictures are easier to work off of from for me.

please and thank you

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