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Part of registering a Salvaged Bike, requires a CHP inspection. California High Protrol officier visualy inspects the Frame Vin #, Engine Vin # and Odometer.
Odometer is no brainer. Frame VIN# is on the steering stem. But where the hell is the Eingine VIN# ?

Have looked closely on the back crankcase section of te engine. Looked on right side around the clutch cover. Looked on left side in the sprocket cover area.
The fairings on the sides cover most of the engine side. Is the Engine VIN # behind it ?

On a Kawasaki ZR7 seen the engine Vin on a extended metal tab on the clutch side. On a Suzuki Busa the engine Vin is on the back portion of the engine.

Anyone during wrenching around recall seeing the Engine VIN # ?

It's an 05 636, it's a good bet most any year or engine size would be similar location.
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