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I hated to join this forum just to ask a question,but I need serious help.

I just picked up a 85-87 ZX600 swing arm with the monoshock assembly to adapt to my '78 Honda CB750K .

Is there anyone that could possibly give me a few measurements?

Again,sorry to sign up just to annoy you with questions,but I am in a real bind here.

I have googled my fingers to death and cannot find any info/diagrams.

First off,can anyone verify that this is indeed a 85-87 ZX600 swingarm?

SANY0055 by Shiny Ribs, on Flickr

Also,what is the right hand side of this made for? What attaches to it?

SANY0054 by Shiny Ribs, on Flickr

I really need measurements concerning this linkage at ride height. Even just a few pics would help.I could scale what dimensions and angles I need off of that.

SANY0050 by Shiny Ribs, on Flickr

Also,where can i locate replacement dust covers for the pivot end of the swingarm?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks-Eric
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