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Hello everyone sorry I am new here.

I am having troublesetting fuel level on this bike.when I got bike it would barely start but then stopped starting altogether. Checked fuel level and it seemed really low.
checked manuel made marks on a piece of clear fuel pipe. I had the mark level with where it says in the manueljust above the mikuni badge then mark 22.2mm down.

Carb 4
Carb 3
Carb 2
Carb 1
That was the reading. I have rebuilt lots carbs before even in-line 4 just one not ones that are leaned forward.
I have not dissembled carbs only changed rubber diaphragm with gsxr srad ones I had spare.

Anyway my issue is I cannot get the fuel level on carb 1 with even 20mm.

I have checked the float there is no leaks. I checked the float valveit’s fine but I have rebuild kits for it and still hasn’t made a difference.
I change it in tiny increments I spent past 2 days. Too far high obviously no fuel. To low and it floods out the needle bowl. Cannot get it within 20mm is there something I am missing ? I am using the method in manuel I checked the carbs they do not seemed damaged is there a different method I can try ?

Sorry for being so long with post


cannot set fuel level within 20mm of spec. Can get to about 23mm then change it a tiny bitfuel stops coming.Go other way still doesn’t get closer.
Bike is fully level with ground. Floats fine replaced float valve.
Any help appreciate thanks
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