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2000 is not restricted, but not optimal tuning once you add a full exhaust.

  • You will need to go down one or two teeth on the rear sprocket
  • Get rid of those damm heavy wheels
  • Swap in an intake cam to the exhaust side
  • Get a billet clutch basket so you don't blow up the stock one
  • Swap on a full exhaust and remove the smog, then dyno tune. I don't know if anyone that has flashed a 2000 ZX12R.

I lost over 60 lbs on my 04 ZX12R by swapping to a 2011 ZX10R front end, Muzzy exhaust and Marchesini wheels front and rear. It handles better, is much faster and brakes better. I don't have a desire to go 200 mph on a bike, so I didn't change my gearing.

Are you trying to trap at 200 mph, or maintain 200 mph like they do in Ohio Mile or Texas Mile? I don't think a naturally aspirated ZX12R will maintain 200 MPH, but may break it for a short but with mods similar to above.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts