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ZX11C fuel tap

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So to briefly summarize, my 1992 ZX11 has been giving me a hard time trying to resurrect her after a few years of neglect in my shed. She refuses to start. After a recent unsuccessful carb rebuild (after another kit for twice the price came with all the wrong parts) she decided to flood my shed with 4 gallons of premium unleaded when the fuel hose from the tank to the petcock split. Ordered a new hose, but something stood out. The diagram from Partzilla (and Kawasaki, incidentally) shows the hose running from the tank to the top of the petcock. Mine was run to the bottom of the petcock, as it shows in the Clymer's manual. I don't ever recall the hose being on the top, and i don't recall ever having them both off at the same time, but i have taken the occasional shot to the head, so it's possible... i imagine had i taken them both off i would have followed the manual when reinstalling, thereby putting the hose on the bottom nipple of the tap. Question is two-fold...can anyone tell me definitively where the hose goes, and what effect would having the hoses reversed have, if you're still getting fuel? I would imagine there may be issues, but as the fuel still flows through, I'm prepared to accept this isn't my main problem. (I've learned that just when I've figured the bike out, she changes her mind.) Thanks in advance for any help.
(I've included the diagram Partzilla uses from Kawi for reference)


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