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Dyno charts show substantial horsepower increases

ZX6R 03
The graph above is from a ZX6R 03 model with Acropovic titanium full system and the Kawasaki race ECU. The top end was strip down and set up under Australian Supersport racing regulations.
We found that the software was not very user friendly and it took some time to sort it out. The result was worth the effort, 112 hp.


The graph above is from a standard Kawasaki ZX636 with a slip on muffler.

We fitted a Power Commander USB which amoung other things allows the user to tune each cylinder individually. This proved to be a very usefull tool as the 2 outside cylinders were quite different from the inside pair. The end result is as you see quite impressive with about a 7 hp increase at the top end and a solid 5 hp everywhere else.

This graph compares the previous ZX636 with the ZX6R and shows that there is no substitute for cubes. The 636 has much more midrange even though it is still ralitively stock having only a slip on and power commander fitted.
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