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Ride magazine run a survey every year about bikes and kit and such. The point being is that it's not a bunch of journalists that rate the bikes and kit, it's the readers.

No. 1: Kawasaki ZX-10R --93%--
Short, sharp, aggressive... and your top bike.

Like a fight in an east end pub, Kawasaki's ZX-10R is hard, harsh and violent. Its searing four-cylinder motor sounds as if it's whipping each and every one of its 150 brake horses into a bloody lather and the resulting power delivery is brutally addictive. Owners are unconvinced by the flighty handling - some finding it a bit too much - but the results for the engine, gearbox, controls and reliability more than compensate. This, then, is a true superbike - and a deserving RIDER POWER victor.

Build Quality ****- (4)
Engine ***** (5)
Handling ****- (4)
Rider Comfort ****- (4)
Pillion Comfort **--- (2)
Brakes ****- (4)
Gearbox ****- (4)
Equipment ****- (4)
Dealer Backup ****- (4)
Reliability ***** (5)
Running cost ****- (4)
Wind protection ***-- (3)
Maintenance ****- (4)
Overall rating

You say
"The motor is awesome. Power comes on so strong from 10,000 revs that the nine times out of ten you hit the limiter. My only niggle is the lack of wind protection" Ewen Sangster, London

We say
"This is a true superbike and a deserving victor..."
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