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A surprise announcement in the Geneva Motor Show, shows a Swiss company, named Acabion, developing a concept vehicle that uses a motorcycle engine, looks a bit like a motorcycle, but can travel much faster and further.

Acabion's concept motorcycle, the GTBO, is based on the successful and powerful Suzuki Hayabusa GSX-R 1300 coupled to a turbo, and hold on to your helmets, an electric engine.

Yes, this is a hybrid!

Acabion estimate that they can put a 90 liter fuel tank onboard, plus 2 seats and storage space. With a 90 liter (24 gallon) tank, running at 100 kph (62 mph), you should run dry after 2400 kms ! If you run at 450 kph, you'll be able to go some 550 kilometers before you need to tank!

Wait a minute !!! Running at 450 kph (280 mph) ??? Their top of the line model, the GTBO 70, according to the specs can speed up to 600 kph (370 mph, although it will be curbed down to a "sensible" 450 kph). The engine produces, depending on the model, between 360 and 700 horses of power! This futuristic device can reach 450 kph in 19 seconds !! Enough acceleration to put all your blood in the rear of your head....

It's empty weight, depending on the model, varies between 300 (661 lbs) and 359 Kgs (791 lbs). According to the press announcement, the vehicle can travel at 110 mph twice as efficient as the latest diesel compact car .

They are taking orders, but no prices are published. Finally a motorcycle that will outrun any police vehicle (radars probably aren't even calibrated for those speeds).

Source: http://acadia-institute.dyndns.org/acabion.com/en/produkte.html
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