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I'm thinking at maybe going that way, Does someone here have such a kit lying around you want to get rid for cheap? I only need the adaptor plates, not want the handlebar itself (will choose another bend anyway and package will be smaller and cheaper to ship).

I would buy or can trade for money + D's front turn signals (Link 1) and/or C's headlight cover (Link 2) and or heated grip elements (Link 3).

LINK 1: http://www.zxforums.com/forums/zx-11-forum/63000-fs-zx11d-front-turn-signals.html

LINK 2: http://www.zxforums.com/forums/zx-11-forum/63551-fs-zx11c-smoke-headlight-cover.html

LINK 3: http://www.zxforums.com/forums/zx-11-forum/17439-fs-heated-elements-grips.html
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