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WTB. '96-98 ZX 7

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So after a considerable amount of time searching i am putting out feelers here.

Trying to locate a good condition 96-98 ZX 7 ('97 is the sweet spot for me).
I almost bought one of these new in '97 and i'll never forgive myself if i don't get one in my garage eventually.

Below is the wish list criteria.

  • I am not after a project bike so it needs to be in good nic.
  • It must be a metric bike (ie kilometres not miles)
  • Low mileage (preferably under 30k)
  • As close to stock as possible (more so bodywork/cosmetics. An aftermarket pipe/exhaust is fine and mild mechanical mods but nothing over the top)
  • Nothing stupidly priced (i'm well aware of what they fetch when they do show up)
  • I am not worried about location as i will ship the right bike if i can find it regardless of where it is in the world.

So! If anyone has one or has pointers on where i may be able to find one or anyone that may be able to assist me in my search it would be immensely appreciated.

The first place most people say is Iconic Motorcycles. However i have reached out to them and they don't even bother responding to emails which is a little disappointing so i am hoping some knowledgeable people from here may be able to offer up some other avenues for me to pursue.

I'm new here so haven't had time to search through the posts as yet. I'm sure these kinds of posts come up frequently and i'm just adding to them but this is something of a bucket list thing for me so maybe i'll get lucky and tick a big box that's been empty for far too long.

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