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Interesting situation with the Dorna "parity" crusade... Racing was decent, however, I can't say I was too pleased every time the commentators said how "the Ducati just blew past Rea/Sykes"...

Ya think it may be cuz they're MISSING that last 1,100 RPM Dorna stripped out of the bikes ECU?

I cannot fathom how the other OEM's enjoy going after what will essentially be a participation trophy if the bikes are not allowed to be themselves. Any further winning will result in an arbitrary 250RPM further reduction for Kawi until they get- well whatever it is they are after.

I yearn for the glory days when you just bought a homologation stocker, added in the (relatively) available race kit parts and they all had at it. Formula totally worked in the 90's and privateers even won on occasion. Plus, all new thous' have way more than enough motor, how about dialing back on the electronics then?

I get the marketing and sales situation but if they truly wanted to haul costs down, fill the grids/grandstands, and get close racing then going back to the 90's formula is completely the way to go forward.

At least there's Golden Era SBK now and of course the Classic TT.
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