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Gooday all,
Well, after months of trouble free riding...
this morning she drops a couple of cylinders
as I'm taking a corner. :scared
Of course we're flat out at work and waaay behind on filling orders.
I work casual so this is costing me a days pay
(and the grief I'll get from my boss- nah, she's pretty cool).
So I limp back home to start the search.
Wot I've found so far....
Battery level low = topped up.
Oil in 3 & 4 spark plug holes (had this before , so no surprise)
=I put washers under the valve cover bolts.
Slight coolant leak from hardline at the pump= replaced o ring.
Cleaned the coil & battery connections (connectors & bolts).
Adjusted throttle cables too.
So now it's stripped, I have the chance to do a bit of over due
cleaning too.
But now it's "smoko" time.

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Thanx herbiekeeper,
Got it sorted out.
Not exactly sure what fixed it.
I think it was the oil in the plug holes.
At least I got fix a few other things that I'd been putting off.
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