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At Valencia Toseland tops day one times

A two-day test for the SBK Pirelli development teams at Valencia in Spain was kicked off in bright and sunny conditions, with James Toseland (Ten Kate Honda) posting the fastest time of the day. He made in excess of 50 laps, and his best time was faster than that set in race conditions in the 2006 Superbike race, and even faster than Superpole.

Close behind came the 2006 champion, Troy Bayliss (Ducati Xerox) with his team-mate, Lorenzo Lanzi, just a tenth behind.

The Suzuki Alstare Corona Extra duo of SBK regular Yukio Kagayama and exciting SBK ‘new boy’ Max Biaggi were fourth and fifth fastest respectively, with Biaggi setting a 1’35.2 in his first ‘open’ SBK testing session.

Regis Laconi was top PSG-1 Kawasaki rider, sixth fastest, while Troy Corser had a fast outing on his new-for-2007 Yamaha R1, heading off his team-mate Noriyuki Haga. Fonsi Nieto (PSG-1 Kawasaki) and Roberto Rolfo (Ten Kate Honda) completed the top Superbike ten.

SOFUOGLU HEADS UP SUPERSPORT RIDERS In the Supersport class, Kenan Sofuoglu (Ten Kate Honda) scorched to the fastest time, continuing his impressive 2006 race season form. Juts behind was Ducati specialist Gianluca Nannelli (Ducati SC Caracchi), with 2006 champion Sebastien Charpentier (Ten Kate Honda) third fastest.

One more day remains for the SBK and WSS riders to set their best times of the entire test.

SBK Superbike World Championship (Race tyres – Qualifyers)

Toseland Honda Ten Kate 1’34.7

Bayliss Ducati Xerox 1’34.8

Lanzi Ducati Xerox 1’34.9

Kagayama Suzuki Alstare 1’35.1

Biaggi Suzuki Alstare 1’35.2

Laconi Kawasaki PSG-1 1’35.4

Corser Yamaha Motor Italia 1’35.6

Haga Yamaha Motor Italia 1’35.8

Nieto Kawasaki PSG-1 1’35.8

Rolfo Honda Ten Kate 1’37.4

Race ’06: best lap 1’35.37

Superpole: 1’34.9

Supersport World Championship

Sofuoglu Honda Ten Kate 1’37.2

Nannelli Ducati SC Caracchi 1’37.4

Charpentier Honda Ten Kate 1’37.9

Foret Kawasaki Gil Motorsport 1’38.9

Veneman Suzuki Hoegee 1’39.4

Riba Kawasaki Gil Motorsport 1’39.8

Parkes Yamaha Motor Germany n.a.

Race ’06: Best lap 1’38.66

Pole ’06: 1’36.91

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Biaggi has maxxed out day two

From SBK site:
Biaggi fastest at Valencia test

MAX MAKES AN EARLY IMPRESSION Max Biaggi (Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra) made an impressive first impact on his SBK peers, after setting the fastest time during the first off season Pirelli Development tests. His best of 1'33.9 was a clear indication of his intent in his first SBK season, and his fast time came thanks in part to the good track and weather conditions at Valencia, with temperatures of over 20 degrees centigrade evident on both days. Max said: "Valencia is a very twisty track and there is not much opportunity to catch your breath because you are always working hard. This championship is full of specialist riders and I am new to it, so I know I have to adapt to the way of riding a Superbike."

LANZI SECOND AND BACK TO FINE FORM Lorenzo Lanzi (Ducati Xerox) was a force to be reckoned with on both days, finishing the test with an equal time to Biaggi, albeit using qualifying tyres, while Biaggi only used race versions. A good last day of testing, on a hybrid 2006/2007 machine, was also experienced by Yukio Kagayama (Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra), who got to know his new team-mate Biaggi at Valencia, Kagayama rode right to the very end of the test, evaluating new parts for the 2007 machine, and finishing third fastest.

BAYLISS FOURTH ON THE TIME SHEETS Troy Bayliss (Ducati Xerox), running the same spec of machine he used to score the world championship itself, and on a circuit he recently won a MotoGP race on, was fourth fastest, his 1'34.2 being set on race tyres.
Fastest man on day one, James Toseland (Ten Kate Honda) was using a new style of rear swingarm, updated software for his machine's PI traction control system, new front fork internals and wheel rims compared to his 2006 machine. He was marginally faster on day two than day one, and fifth quickest overall.

NIETO FASTEST OF THE KAWASAKIS ON HIS HOME TRACK Fonsi Nieto (PSG-1 Kawasaki) was sixth fastest after trying out new front suspension on his ZX-10R, setting a 1'34.8 on race tyres, even faster than he could do on a qualifier. His team-mate Regis Laconi (PSG-1 Kawasaki Corse) went eighth fastest.

IMPRESSIVE START FOR CORSER AND THE NEW R1 Troy Corser (Yamaha Motor Italia) had his first taste of the 2007 R1 Yamaha on day two at Valencia, and was happy with its performance, running to seventh quickest at the first attempt. His team Noriyuki Haga (Yamaha Motor Italia) was running the 2007 version of the R1 for long periods at Valencia and was marginally slower than Corser, as he made the transition from his well-known 2006 version. Roberto Rolfo (Ten Kate Honda) had a steady two days of testing on the machine he hopes he will be riding in 2007, finishing with a time of 1'36.7.

SUPERSPORT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Sebastien Charpentier (Ten Kate Honda) scorched to a new best at Valencia, with a 1'36.4, bouncing back from an early morning crash on his 2006-spec CBR600RR. Second fastest was his team-mate Kenan Sofuoglu (Ten Kate Honda) on 1'36.8, with the amazing combination of Gianluca Nannelli and the SC Caracchi Ducati ending up third, only a tenth behind.
Running on his own in the Yamaha Motor Germany team, Broc Parkes was fourth fastest, concentrating on machine improvements and a new quickshifter system.
Fabien Foret (Gil Motorsport Kawasaki), running standard front forks on his brand new ZX-6RR, was immediately impressive, rating his machine as a great base to build on. His team-mate Pere Riba (Gil Motorsport Kawasaki) was not quite as fast, as he took some time to get used to the roadbike spec forks. He thus finished a little behind Barry Veneman (Hoegee Suzuki) who was sixth fastest.

Biaggi Suzuki Alstare 1'33.9 nn
Lanzi Ducati Xerox 1'34.1 1'33.9
Kagayama Suzuki Alstare 1'34.2 1'34.7
Bayliss Ducati Xerox 1'34.2 nn
Toseland Honda Ten Kate 1'34.6 1'34.2
Nieto Kawasaki PSG-1 1'34.8 1'35.1
Corser Yamaha Motor Italia 1'34.9 nn
Laconi Kawasaki PSG-1 1'35.1 1'34.8
Haga Yamaha Motor Italia 1'35.3 1'35.1
Rolfo Honda Ten Kate 1'36.7 nn

Race '06: best lap 1'35.37
Superpole: 1'34.9

Charpentier Honda Ten Kate 1'36.4
Sofuoglu Honda Ten Kate 1'36.8
Nannelli Ducati SC Caracchi 1'36.9
Parkes Yamaha Motor Germany 1'37.0
Foret Kawasaki Gil Motorsport 1'37.7
Veneman Suzuki Hoegee 1'38.6
Riba Kawasaki Gil Motorsport 1'39.3

Race '06: Best lap 1'38.66
Pole '06: 1'36.91

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Was there a rule change in World Supers to allow Ducati to run larger displacement? I haven't heard, but there hasn't been as much crying from the Ducati faithful recently.

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I'm pretty sure they are running the 999 in 07.

I think they are asking for a dispensation for 08 to run v twin 1200's. The v4 1000cc GP replica bike or similar may be homologated for 09. Aprilia are wanting to do a similar thing with their v twin as they have a v4 1000 in the pipeline. Nothing definate so far though.
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