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Some curiosities about Losail (Qatar)

SUZUKI’S CONSISTENCY – Troy Corser is running a streak of 24 races in the points and Kagayama a 12 races one (more than a half of the 2005 championship). The longest streak belongs to John Kocinski, who from the Sentul 1996 race 1 to the Sentul 1997 race 1 was in the points for 33 races in a row. The most recent sequence was recorded by Mauro Sanchini from the Valencia 2003 race 2 to the Phillip Island 2004 race 2, with 27 races.
Suzuki in the last race in Magny Cours recorded its 50th consecutive race in the points, entering the top ten rankings of all time. In the World Championship there has been a Suzuki in the points since race 1 in Assen 2003. The absolute record, that will be unbeatable for years to come, belongs to Ducati, with a sequence of 376 races in the points from race 1 in Spain 1990 to race 1 in Spain 2005. The streak ended in race 2, when for the first time in 15 years a Ducati was not in the points. The record for a Japanese manufacturer belongs to Kawasaki, with a string of 150 races in the points from Japan 1990 race 1 to U.S.A. 1998, race 2.

BEWARE OF CHILI – Pierfrancesco Chili is only lacking 48 kilometers to become the rider that has run the highest number of kilometers in races in the history of the Superbike World Championship®. At present Aaron Slight leads the charts with 21,444 km run in races, with the Italian at 21,396. This means that Chili has to complete only 9 laps in Losail to become the all-time leader.

ALL-TIME WINNERS – Troy Corser begins his 12th season in the World Championship and can be considered one of the most popular riders in history, considering all the years in which he managed to be a leader. Corser holds almost every record in performances set in a large time span. For example from his first win in Austria 1995 (race 2) to his last success in Brands Hatch 2005, race 1, 10 years and 29 days have passed. The same can be said for Pierfrancesco Chili, in his 12th season, from his first win (Monza 1995 race 2) and his last win (Misano 2004 race 2) 8 years and 10 months have passed. Third in this ranking is Noriyuki Haga, in his 11th season, with an interval of 7 years, 10 months and 2 days between his first and last wins. 4 times world champion Carl Fogarty is immediately behind these three riders with a “winning career” of 7 years, 4 months and 16 days.

TROY REACHES SLIGHT – Troy Corser is only lacking one race start to become the second rider of all time for races started, taking second place from Aaron Slight, who counts 228 race starts. The leader is Chili, with 258 starts.

16 FOR STEVE – Steve Martin is the only rider in the SBK™ Championship who can boast a participation in 16 seasons in 19 years of the history of the championship. Steve missed a race start only in 1988, 1993 and 2000. During the 2006 season, the Australian rider can beat the record of the longest time span between the first and last participation. At the moment the leader is Andrew Stroud: 6 months and 1 day passed between his first and last participation 16 years, (New Zealand 1988 – Australia 2005).

150 x 41 – Noriyuki Haga is only lacking one race to carry the number 41 for the 150th time . During his career the Japanese rider carried a different number on his bike only on three occasions : #62 in his debut race in Japan, 1994; #56 the following year and #57, again in Japan in 1996.

MILESTONES IN QATAR – In 2005, during the first race weekend held in Doha, the following events were recorded: first podium (race 1), first win (race 2) and first fastest lap (race 1) for Yukio Kagayama, tenth win for Suzuki and first fastest lap for Sebastien Gimbert (race 2).

MUCH AWAITED COMEBACKS – We are talking about Troy Bayliss and Ruben Xaus, the first world champion in 2001 and runner-up in 2002 and the latter runner-up in 2003. With such a palmares the two are awaited at the top and it’s useful to remember the last successes they recorded. Bayliss won his last race in Laguna Seca on 14th July 2002 (race 1), scored his last Superpole® in Misano, 22nd June 2002 and his last fastest lap in Imola, 29th September 2002.
Last win from Xaus was recorded in race 2 in Magny Cours, 19th October 2003, the last (and only) Superpole® in Imola, 28th September 2003 and in the same weekend Xaus also recorded his last fastest lap. Xaus is the only Spanish rider to have recorded poles and wins in the history of the SBK Superbike World Championship®.

BRAZIL IN THE SBK SUPERBIKE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP® – Alex Barros will be only the second Brazilian rider in the history of the Championship. Before Barros only Gilson Scudeler ran two races for Brazil in Albacete 1997. Considering that the best result achieved by Scudeler was a 17th place, Barros can become the first rider to score points for Brazil. At present, riders from 31 countries have scored points in the history of the Championship.

LAST POLE FROM KAWASAKI – 200 races have passed since Kawasaki recorded its last pole in Sugo 1997 (Akira Yanagawa, ZX-7 RR).

100 RACES FOR THE SUPERSPORT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP®– The Supersport World Championship® reaches the milestone of 100 races run since it began its history in Misano 1997 (win by Massimo Meregalli, Yamaha). These are the milestones of the championship: the 25th race was held in Monza, 1999 (win by Wilco Zeelenberg, Yamaha), the 50th in Misano 2001 (win by Jörg Teuchert, Yamaha) and the 75th in Assen, 2003 (win by Karl Muggeridge, Honda).

SUZUKI ALWAYS IN THE POINTS – The Japanese manufacturer is the only one in the history of the Championship to have scored points in each of the 99 races run up to now. Honda is second and started a sequence of races in the points that now counts 81 races in Brands Hatch 1998.

FOUR ALWAYS PRESENT - Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda are the manufacturers that started every race in the history of the Supersport World Championship®. Ducati follows with 88 races started, then Bimota with 30 and Triumph with 2.

HONDA’S AMAZING STREAKS – The Honda CBR 600 RR is gaining the reputation as the fastest bike in the history of SS, scoring poles one after the other. For the last 25 races a CBR 600 RR has always started from pole position (from Assen 2003), an incredible figure if we consider that the second highest sequence counts only 5 pole positions in a row, recorded by Honda with the CBR 600 F from Italy 2002 to Europe 2002.
And for the same number of races, 25, a Honda goes in the lead for at least one lap. In this field the second sequence of all time has been recorded by Suzuki from San Marino 1998 to Great Britain 1999, with 8 races in a row (GSX 600 R). (laps in the lead information is available only from 1998)

MILESTONES IN QATAR – In 2005 in Doha Michel Fabrizio gained his first podium.

RUSSIA IN THE SUPERSPORT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP® – With the entry of Vladimir Ivanov, riders from 30 different countries have participated in race weekends in the history of the Championship. Before the 2006 season gets underway, the countries that fight for the top honours are France and Italy, that curiously count the same number of pole position (28 each) and wins (24 each).

Source: World Superbike website
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