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1993 Zx-7 L Model, 2006 ZX-10R
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I'm discovering some interesting wiring solutions on my new 1995 ZX-7.

The first thing I noticed, the orange and green wire from the main switch to the headlights was cut, and the headlights were wired directly to the battery with some inline fuses.

View attachment 21775

I corrected this and started going through the rest of the wiring. I found the 6v grey wire between the main switch and ignitor was also cut and spliced with a new wire in the middle (a higher gauge than the original grey wire...is that an issue?). Then I went to look at the main fuse on the starter solenoid, and the connector was stuck.

Some "gentle" persuasion later I discovered this.

View attachment 21777


The 30amp fuse was melted, but not broken (weird?)

I'm now guessing the headlight re-wiring was to reduce the amount of power going through the main fuse to try and prevent this from happening/getting worse.

Looking at the 30amp fuse holder, it is rather corroded. I'm wondering if the corrosion built up resistance and that's what contributed to the build-up of heat and this disaster.

I'm open to other ideas.

Now I'm weighing whether I should open up the whole harness and look for issues that may have contributed to this...or just blow the few hundred bucks on a new harness...which appears to be available from Kawasaki.
You're spot on. Don't need help from us. Doesn't look like your first rodeo either.
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