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What would you do??

My bike is 100% ready to go, I have all my gear in good order. All I have to do is get geared up (atgatt) and ride. ...on May 30th.

I'll have $1000 available to me once a month until Sept. i am currently in Fl, and will first head to Nebraska to see my sister. From there I am free to go anywhere I want, and I'll be free until Sept.

If you had these circumstances, where would you go, what would you do, how would you manage, and what would be your MUST SEE? (conus)

Be as specific as you'd like. I'm looking for inspiration...

In a few yrs I'll have this opportunity again; hopefully aboard an adventure bike (R1200GSA, I hope) so I can step off the pavement.

This trip will be aboard a 2008 ZX14. Soft luggage & camp gear.
Previous trips: 17 states aboard 2003 VFR & & a 1400 mile trip on RC51.

I'm chomping at the bit to hit the road again & want this one to be the best trip yet.
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