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i use my 07 zx6r mostly for drag. it has so far stock suspension and ride height, akro full exhaust,jumper mod, high flow filter and -1 +3 gearing. so far my best time is a 10.88. the way i have been racing it to get such a low time is by burning the clutch for pretty much all of first so that i can leave hard and it doesnt lift. gets me out of the whole really quick cause im launching at redline. so obviously i burned out my stock clutch quick. i now have an EBC kevlar clutch cause i was hoping it wouldnt swell like the factory aluminum discs(EBC has steel discs) and shred itself like the stock while im burning it through first. so im wondering if there is a better clutch that wont shred itself in 2k km. i know i could improve my times by stretching and lowering and strapping but im gonna see how far i can push it before i have to resort to that. so if there is a better clutch that can handle more abuse then the EBC please let me know. thanks in advance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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