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Does this interest your?

  • I'd create races, tell others, and ask them to use the site

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • If others were using it, I might give it a try

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • If it had more features, maybe I'd use it

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  • I don't see the need

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This last summer I bought a ZX-6R and started going to the track. I really enjoyed open lapping, and decided to try a race. (The MRA, a Colorado racing group, has a program called Super Street, where you get to race without going through the normal race prep of the bike. So it was a low barrier to entry, and I took it.) It was a ton of fun. But in a group of 12, 2 crashed, and a third went off-track and nearly went down. It highlighted the risks, and gave me an idea....

The idea is for a website that lets you upload GPS data from your track day. It then shows results for each lap, and for a "race". (Whoever creates the race decides how many laps make a "race".) It then time aligns the data, and shows a virtual race, as though you had been racing head-to-head. (For multi-lap races, each persons fastest consecutive laps are pulled from the GPS data for the virtual race.)

I created the website, and I'd like your feedback:
(As a new member, I cannot add a link; it is in my profile. Or just type rasfre.com into your browser)
There is a race I created from open lapping at High Plains Raceway, it is the first race listed after you click the Races menu. Take a look at that for an example. (Note that I did not add time splits for each corner, or series of corners, but the website does allow that.)

Feedback please.... (Oh - and I added a poll; how cool is it that the site supports that! :)
  • Does this interest your?
  • Would you create races and ask others to participate/upload?
  • If others were posting their results to an event you participated in, would you then want to use the site?
  • If not, do you just not see the need, or is it missing features?
  • Anything else?

If you like the site, I'd certainly appreciate you sharing a link on any social media you use. I need grassroots help to make this work.

Also note that this is the first "public release". I've been using/testing the site, as have a few friends. But there will be bugs. I'm at the point where I am trying to assess interest so I can decide how much more investment (time) is warranted, or if I am the only one excited about the idea.

Thank you for reading this far, and I'd appreciate any feedback on the idea.
Paul Dunn

P.S. Please let me know if I've violated any forum rules; I know many forums are suspicious of threads like this. I'd be happy to edit the thread to remove any content not allowed.
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