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Details on Kawasaki UK website:

The new VN900 Custom is a factory built custom bike that really stands out from the crowd - it is the result of Kawasaki's pursuit of the essence of a true custom motorcycle. A study in contrasts, its low-set rear, massive rear tyre and solid disc wheel are juxtaposed against a clean and lightweight front end.

To achieve the front end's lightweight image, a thin, 21" wheel was chosen. But instead of a simple wire-spoke wheel a cast design with sculpted spokes forming an elegant 3D double-flanged design was created. Then, to complete the clean, simple front end, a minimalist headlamp and straight 'bar were added. The fuel tank is the centrepiece of the VN 900 Custom's design. Its carefully moulded contours create an intricate play of light and shadows that attracts both the eye and the hand. The twin-valley design theme is continued in the rear fender. Like the tank, it is composed exclusively of curves. The 15" cast rear wheel with a massive 180 mm rear tyre was chosen to contrast the "light," tall front wheel. Its solid disc design helps gives the rear a solid "squatting" image.

Like the bodywork, a great deal of time was devoted to designing the engine covers. Deeply chromed 3D engine covers, deep fins on the cylinder and cylinder head, and all the non-chromed parts of the engine finished in a black powder coat give the VN900 Custom a quality appearance. Designed not only to look but also to feel like a big V-Twin, the Custom's 903 cm3 power plant was tuned to deliver big-bike-style response and superior acceleration, pulling strongly and able to out-accelerate anything in its class in the mid-speed range.

Whether booming down the highway or cruising slowly through city streets, the VN900 Custom's light, sporty handling makes it one easy-to-ride cruiser. The long wheelbase makes it extremely stable on the highway, while fork offset and rake geometry result in light, low-effort handling when manoeuvring at ultra-low speed.

The VN900 Classic raised the standards of performance, quality and craftsmanship in its class. With the VN900 Custom, the bar has been raised yet again.

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