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At 4,500 rpm in all the gears, the bike is feeling ruff and vibrates, feels like it is coming from the drivetrain.
It gets smoother higher up the rev range, started from low km, now 1,300 on clock. Asked the technician to show me the diff oil at the 1,000 km service, it was fairly dirty.
Anybody else experiencing it?

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na, did the oil help?

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Correction, the Failure may be all B.S......

I reported my findings to Kawasaki and received this reply from a quality control engineer who I believe would prefer to remain anonymous:

"I am the one at Kawasaki who is trying to track down this claimed failure.
I really do want to have this bike repaired both for the customers sake and
for Kawasaki's. If he has the failure that he is claiming, we do want to
investigate the conditions and prevent any more occurrences. And get him
back on the road as quickly as possible.

There are several things about this incident that have me curious: 1) there
is no dealer in GA that goes by the business name of Georgia South
Kawasaki. You can Google it and find the same nothing that I find in the
Kawasaki Dealer data base. 2) Kawasaki warranty registration has no ZG1400A
or B registered to anyone with the last name of Ketchem. 3) No Kawasaki
dealer has contacted Kawasaki either to advise us of the failure or to
request authorization for the repair (dealers must have authorization for
repairs over $500 and if the final gear case is broken I can assure you it
will be over that limit), and last, as of this afternoon I can account for
all of the rear suspension parts (like the link arms, bearings, swing arm
and final gear case assy) that have been ordered by US dealers, and none
of them are headed for any dealer in GA.
With no parts on order / in transit to a dealer I suspect that he will be
disappointed with his call this coming Monday. If indeed some dealer does
have a failed ZG1400, he is not doing the customer (or Kawasaki) any
service except for lip service.

I have no trouble getting egg on my face, I have been wrong many times, but
with the information we have now, none of his posting statements make any
sense to me.

Thanks again for your help."

Again, the above in parentheses is from a Kawasaki quality person. So, unless Mr. Ketchem can prove he really owns a C-14 and has a legitimate problem, I say we should ignore his comments on this forum.

Bob Sherwood #2994
COG Industry Liaison
Statesboro, GA

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i tracked the vibration to the rubber mounted bars ends
it sounded like it was lower left side somewhere but it was the bar ends took em off put a oring in there noise gone.also anyone else have a rear tire pressure monitor not reading mine hasnt worked since i got connie but i hate my dealer.
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