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I decided to paint my muffler pipe on my bike.

I used VHT 1200-2000* FLat Black Flame proof in a can.

I just sanded it down with a pad and cleaned/degreased it.
Hung it in garage and used the VHT.
3 coats, one every 10 minutes, the last coat was heavy.
waited 5 hrs and then cured it in the over.
[email protected] 250
[email protected]
[email protected]
let it idle on bike for 30 min
I havent been able to ride it yet, the weather is awful.

came out great!
only mistake I made was by putting the pipe directly on the oven rack ( on tin foil) and it left lines from the rack in the pipe.
After that I put the pipe on a cookie tray.

IT came out really great!! well find out how well it holds up.

NExt time im going to use the FLAT BLUE VHT paint and do the whole pipe.
and put a clear coat on it as well.

It looks awesome!

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