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all parts are used off of an 07 zx10 which makes them usable on an 06 as well
-physically separated but working headlight assembly $100/side or $175 together (a few of the tabs are broken)
-good condition headlight assembly $250 (all tabs in place)
-yellow nose cowl $250 (scratch down middle but no tabs missing)
-2 black cowls that go underneath the headlight assembly $25 each
-2 windscreens $50 each (black and clear)
-right turn signal w/ bulb and wiring $20
-broken right center fairing $40 (cracked and a few tabs missing)
-cracked lower fairing $40 (one tab missing and scratched)
-front fender $25 (no sides)
will take best offer or even group items
i can send pictures
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