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I'm sure there are still a few old Power Commander 3's floating around out there. Thought I would share this for the next guy that buys a dinosaur off his co-worker and runs into this issue.

Picked up a 2008 ZX-6R on the cheap. It had been sitting for a long time but only 8k miles. Rebuilt fuel pump assembly, replaced a bunch of seals, fluids, air, etc, etc but she still wasn't running right. There was a Power Commander 3 under the seat so I got on DynoJets website and downloaded the apps and proceeded to try to update the units firmware with out hesitation. Didn't go well, bike shut down, apps couldn't connect.. Thought I was screwed.

Started looking into it and it turns out that you need a DynoJet 9v battery adaptor to power the unit while it updates, for whatever reason the power provided by the bike cuts out during update. You can still order this part but I wasn't trying to wait a week to get the bike running again. Luckily I found a 14 year old post on a GSX-R forum that saved my day, linked below.

The guy that wrote this up was able to figure out which pins on a 10 pin adaptor powered the unit. He went out and bought a bunch of little parts an pieces to make it work, probably had a radio shack nearby or something... You don't need to do that, it can be done with a 9v battery and 2 wires. I threw together a 9v battery, a couple of wires and some crimp fittings I found in the junk drawer, powered up, updated firmware to that last update made by DynoJet (2019), reloaded MAPS and I was down the road. Bike rips now. Good Stuff.

Link to the post of the original architect of this fix: Click Here

Here is a image of the 9v rig I built:

View attachment 23693

Be safe out there!
I just turn the bike on (engine on) and flash. My 06 zx10r had a pc3 on it.
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