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Hi everyone..

thanks for the help on my previous post concerning cleaning the carbs, bike is running good now.

reason I am back on here is to ask a few questions and get a feel for for what other riders are looking for or have done.. To begin.. when i bought my bike, the PO had removed the factory license plate holder (just cut it up really) and rear turn signals and replaced it with an LED tail light.. the turn signals are incorporated into the tail light. He had mounted the license plate right under the tail light by forming it to a piece of plastic under the tail light then added a little light to light the plate. it was hokey at best.. so i pushed the plate under the seat and moved the light under there as well looks better and lights up the back of the bike better. I ride my bike on the freeway in the early morning and now the bike is easier to see instead of the tail light being the only light on when looking at the back of the bike.. I am wanting to be more visible...

This got me to thinking , I am a machinist by trade and actually have my own CNC mill ( www.tormach.com ) at a shop i share with a buddy.
I know people do fender eliminators to give there bikes a sleeker look but from what i could tell from looking there is not a great variety of turn signal lights out there..
I am going to incorporate some other lights into my bike and thought about adding some LEDs to the rear set bracket so that the turn signals are incorporated into the bike. I could mill out a location for some LEDS and add some plexiglass as a lens cover and have colored LEDs

I also thought of building a flush mount turn signal that could be put on the rear tail section.. so basically would have to cut a slot and a few holes and then put in a light that has a clear plastic lens and an aluminum bezel as well as a housing for the actual LED. I do Solid works designing as well so i know the design would be accurate..only issue is it would have to be mounted on a flat surface.. i could to some curved surfaces but is is more time intensive.

I was wondering how those who have done the fender eliminators have taken care of the turn signal issues..

also is there was any input on other ways to add turn signals to your bike.

I look forward to seeing what others have done for their lights

thanks for reading..

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I know of one guy who just stuck LEDs to his license plate.
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