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Ok, talked to "Jeffo" out of Tucson...he says get rid of ignition module and TRE..."band aid" fixes he says.... Says all a zx14 needs is a power commander, 16t front sprocket, remove second set of "butterflies" a high end exhaust (yoshimira) an a good map.*Not using TRE means there will be a speed limiter on it still...Ive read a lot on Jeffo, and give him huge props, everyone loves what he does. Just looking for some 2nd opinions on using the TRE and the ignition module, even with secondary flys removed, the TRE also removes low end power limited and the igniton module removes ignition timing retards....so not using the TRE or the ignition module would still hinder maximum performance...correct?

Any thought on ignition module and TRE?

08 zx14
stock air filter
16t front sprocket
lowered and stretched
pcIII usb
Ignition moduel
Ivans TRE
secondary flies removed
voodoo shorty/fatty exhaust

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Do some research on getting your OEM ECU reflashed.
This the best way. Also a reasonable cost. You won't need a PC or an Ignition module. Oops! You won't need the jeffo map then. Will you?
Buy the best full system you can afford.

Not everybody likes the "jeffo map". It works for a plurality, though.
The flys out is the way to go for the 14.
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