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Thanks to Warchild for giving me the link: http://www.kawasaki.co.uk/1400gtr/


Kawasaki have their own idea of touring. The result is the 1400GTR (model year 2008) representing an entirely new genre of high-performance motorcycles: the Transcontinental Supersport.
Starting with breathtaking engine performance, impeccable handling and slim riding position, the new GTR adds touring features that make it the most impressive long-distance, high-speed machine on the market today.

As another flagship-level model, it was essential for the 1400GTR to remain true to the Kawasaki brand. Thanks to first Variable Valve Timing system in its class, the GTR's engine performance is just as remarkable. Ultra-low-rpm and mid-range torque output is simply breathtaking, as is the effortless acceleration from any speed. Thanks to the drive-line lash reducing Tetra-Lever shaft drive system, power delivery to the rear wheel is so smooth and so direct that it gives the same natural ride quality as a chain.

Like its engine, the GTR's chassis is based on that of the ZZR1400. While modifications were made for touring comfort and equipment, and the riding position has been adjusted, sport riding quality from Kawasaki's unique aluminium monocoque frame remains uncompromised. The GTR offers a bank angle on par with the ZZR1400, with excellent steering feedback from the rigid chassis, inverted fork and other high-spec running gear. Combined with a high-spec ABS brake package delivering supersport-level braking performance, the world's only "monocoque tourer" delivers handling unrivalled in this class.

In addition to the sporting performance, the new GTR has the functionality of a Grand Tourismo machine. Features include an electrically adjustable windscreen, standard panniers, tyre pressure sensors, KI-PASS, the first smart key ignition system in its class, and an AC power outlet located under the cockpit.

For those riders who cross countries and continents the way others cross the city, the Kawasaki 1400GTR offers more excitement than anything else in its category.


Until now sports tourers have been about compromise. Kawasaki doesn't compromise. We've taken the engine from the all-conquering ZZR1400, the world's most powerful hyper-sportsbike, and retuned it to make the 1400GTR mega-sports tourer deliver the performance hardcore riders demand. Plus Kawasaki's unique monocoque frame gives the comfort and luggage carrying capacity you need to easily dispatch colossal distances.

Source: Kawasaki, United Kingdom
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