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Reminds me of a similar but different experience back when I was in high school.
I was working for a farmer during harvest down in the Palouse of Washington ST.
At that time I had a brand new Honda SL175.
(picture found on google, not my bike)
I was leaving work for the day, just as dusk was starting to set in.
I had just taken a truck of peas from the field to the elevator and picked up my bike to head home.
On the way home I realized that I had forgotten something in the other truck I had left spotted in the field for the farmer to fill as he finished out the day.
The entry into that field had a beautiful grass waterway running into it. I was headed up the waterway towards the field truck.
Not paying attention, I started to straighten out the path between me and the truck, not following the wandering path of the grass.
Seconds later I did exactly what the guy in the ice video did. My front wheel dropped into the ditch the water had cut through the soil.
My bike instantly stopped, sending me over the bars, sticking my head into the narrow ditch cut into the grass. The ditch was just about as wide as the axle width of my bike, so the bike was left standing upright, with the front wheel almost completely buried in the ditch. I picked myself up, and with much effort extracted my bike from the ditch. I continued onwards to the field truck.
By the time I got to the truck, the combine with Darrel and his young son Mitch were at the truck.
Both of them had tears in their eyes, laughing hysterically. They had seen my get off and thought it was about the funniest thing they had ever seen in a pea field. :crackup
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