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This is the Official ROTM Entry Thread

** The contest format will be an 11 month ROTM contest. Each monthly winner from January to November will be entered into a final poll in December for everyone to choose their favorite bike for the RIDE OF THE YEAR (ROTY). **

The winner of the ROTY will win a $50 CYCLE GEAR GIFT CARD!!!

-All bikes entered must belong to a ZXFORUMS.com registered member.

-All competitors must have at least 50 posts to enter the competition. We want to ensure prizes and glory go to real members of our forum.

-You must post a picture/pictures that everyone can see. No links!

-We would like to have some info on the bike, including year, model, mods, maybe a little story about the you and the bike.

-If the bike has won a Ride of the Month contest during the current ROTY campaign then you cannot enter that bike again. If you've got a new bike done differently...alright, I'll allow it.

-The entry must be a Kawasaki.

Once the deadline has passed, I will copy the entrant's posts to the voting thread to make voting easier. Also they will be added to the ROTY Voting Thread.

As always, the voting will be done in a separate thread found HERE


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2012 ZX10R
10,400 miles

The bike was pretty much stock when I got it. I added some nice toys to make it even more fun.

Akrapovic Slip-on with mid (cat delete)
Ivan's flashed ECU
PCIII with Ivan's matching flash
Re-valved Ohlins shock from Kyle Racing to match Kyle link
Kyle Racing rear suspension linkage
Re-valved damper from Kyle Racing
Green tank covers fairing, mid fairing and green front fender
New stock mirrors (also have mirror covers for track days)
Vortex rearsets
Woodcraft Shark Fin
Driven clip-ons
Brembo rotors
Brembo GSXR 750 calipers
Brembo 19 x 18/20 RCS master cylinder with adjuster cable with fresh fluid and brake switch
CRG clutch perch/lever
Goodrich braided brake lines
Motion Pro Rev2 throttle
Samco hoses with fresh coolant
Motul 300V oil change with Kawi stock filter
R&G Radiator guard
Lithium Battery
Zero Gravity clear double bubble windscreen
Steel 90 degree valve stems
Clear tank pad
Billet case covers
Billet fuel cap
Sato tie downs
R&G exhaust hangar

I have done one track day on it at Sears Point and it did spectacular!


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2014 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14r

Miles: ~2,600

Bike name: My Mistress

Reason for buying: My Mid life crisis toy. Also was looking to get back into the drag racing scene after selling my car. Racing bikes seemed like a great idea. I always loved the Busa until the 14 came out and then couldn't pass this one up at $11k.

Here's the love I've put into the beast:
- MPS air shifter kit, MPS button w/ Slime minicompressor
- BMC air filter
- Schnitz ECU flash
- Schnitz tether kill switch
- Two Brothers VALE2 slip ons
- Catalyst Composites drag seat
- PSR shorty kick stand
- Roaring Toyz lowering links
- Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions at about 6" over
- Brocks lowering straps
- Brocks clutch mod with heavy duty springs
- Shinko U-soft rear tire
- Vortex 43 tooth rear sprocket
- Red painted heel guards
- Red painted rear pegs
- Custom painted red tail delete
- Designed the Autismoto logo on the windscreen to honor my son Ethan diagnosed with Autism at age 2

Best pass to date is [email protected] and shooting for low 9's.

Chilling with the Harley guys!

Before the stretch

Custom logo I designed for my son



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Maybe that's how I will get entries going forward.

If people have bikes that should be entered and they don't I will threaten them with ban hammer.
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