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The Official November ROTM Entry Thread!!! - WIN A $50 CG GIFT CARD!

This is the Official ROTM Entry Thread

** The contest format will be an 11 month ROTM contest. Each monthly winner from January to November will be entered into a final poll in December for everyone to choose their favorite bike for the RIDE OF THE YEAR (ROTY). **

The winner of the ROTY will win a $50 CYCLE GEAR GIFT CARD!!!

-All bikes entered must belong to a ZXFORUMS.com registered member.

-All competitors must have at least 50 posts to enter the competition. We want to ensure prizes and glory go to real members of our forum.

-You must post a picture/pictures that everyone can see. No links!

-We would like to have some info on the bike, including year, model, mods, maybe a little story about the you and the bike.

-If the bike has won a Ride of the Month contest during the current ROTY campaign then you cannot enter that bike again. If you've got a new bike done differently...alright, I'll allow it.

-The entry must be a Kawasaki.

Once the deadline has passed, I will copy the entrant's posts to the voting thread to make voting easier. Also they will be added to the ROTY Voting Thread.

As always, the voting will be done in a separate thread found HERE


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1998 ZX-9R
Former Kinko's Formula Extreme bike (ridden by Sadowski)
Muzzy build big bore race engine
09 ZX10R forks, triple and wheels
09 ZX10R swingarm, linkage and rear brake
09 ZX6R front calipers and master
Ti Power full exhaust
Vortex clipons
BAM magnesium rearsets
Second Look tank cover


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185EZ's 2014 ZX-14R and 57x's 1998 ZX-9R have been added to the poll!!!

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185EZ's 2014 ZX-14R and 57x's 1998 ZX-9R have been added to the poll!!!

Thanks for this very generous opportunity. I'm assuming it's not too late to enter and with that in mind here's one to add to the mix. I've owned since 5.5k miles. Just hit 25K. I consider myself to be the original owner as the guy I got it from was a college professor who basically didn't do anything with it in 16 years. I'll include the first picture, and then what it is now.

The following is a list of the maintenance and parts that I've added on.

Superbike steering with custom bar ends
Zero gravity windscreen
Heal-tech speed healer and gear indicator
Complete muzzy titanium exhaust (minus 16lbs vs stock)
Hayes (billet clutch basket with built in basket ring). The omission of this ring imo is
where the original basket needed it the most.
BMC air filters rotated with OEM every other cleaning.
Steel braided brake lines: Newly rebuilt calipers
New brake pads
Wave rotors
Nitron R1 shock
Racetech fork springs
New fork seals
New tri stage paint to match factory oem specs to address the scratches on the tank cover and the pillion cover. I'm more than 50% sure the previous owner rode the bike with a large belt buckle and as a result it left a mark.
Aux volt meter with dual usb ports
Aux cooling switch
Portable slime tire repair kit
Stock gearing
Stock height
Currently, 200/55 shinko o11. Previously 200/50 shink oo9, and prior as received, the dunlop D207 200/50
Original clutch (minus the basket). Modified to improve cooling.
New fork oem tube. Original was knicked and wouldn't seal.
Oil/ filter changes every 1.5k miles
Air filter cleaned every other oil change.
Valves checked at 18K miles
One of a kind 220mph speedometer. (Everyone knows the bike will never see that speed), it's just a rarity among modern bikes and something I'll probably never see again equipped on a stock bike.

Corrected 1/4mile trap speed 141-142mph from 8800ft. I will not post the et, because the bike was never setup. Now let's not get all in stretch over this, the brochure and mag #s have the bike trapping at 140-145's all day. So my numbers are nothing to write home about without understanding the bikes setup as outlined above.

First picture is the before. Completely stock missing the battery cover and the passenger cover on the ride home with about 5.5k miles. I didn't get a photo of the odometer until about an hour or two later.


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Is that a 2000 ZX12R then? You only have A1, which I am guessing that is first year ZX-12R. Blue will need that for the description. Pretty bike. I miss my 04 ZX-12R.

Yes it is. Just to clarify. It is a year 2000, model ZX-12r also known as the A1 version. Thanks for saying hello, that and the kind words, cheers.

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The Official November 2017 ROTM Entry Thread! <- Enter to WIN a $50 CG Gift Card!

This is what i got.

1998 Zx7R about 24k

This little bike i call Frenchie was an old race bike up in Denver. Had a few bumps and bruises but still has some life left so had to have it.
Started out with a vision of Kawasaki France Endurance
Then decided to pay respect to Japan who came up with such a beast as the 7. There are residual signs of Kawasaki France in the paint scheme which was all done with rattle can, including ordering kawi paint in cans before adding stickers and clear.

Stock motor
Airtech race fairings
New Samco hoses in blue
Muzzy exhaust (loud as hell)
A little carb jetting
Shocks had been rebuilt by STM in Colorado

Replaced swinger as original had a good ding
Replaced Rad
Replaced stock sub w a nice race subframe
Replaced stock tail w a solo race tail
Replaced exhaust hanger w nice Kawi hanger.
Replaced beat up wheels with other stock wheels
All of which came from Candyland. Hehe
Along with other bits to come.

New Dunlop Q3 tires
SES upper fairing stays
New RK 525 gold chain

Original fuel tank for now
Original air intake tubes for now

Still a work in progress.
But ROTM should have a 7 involved.


Only pics i have, which was before chain install and seat foam. But have nice black seat foam on.

Thats what i got for now. Hehe

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