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  • 57x's 2014 Ninja 1000

    Votes: 7 25.0%
  • KoflaOlivieri's 2010 ZX-14

    Votes: 12 42.9%
  • bgmagma10's 2012 ZX-14

    Votes: 9 32.1%

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This is the voting thread.

The winner of this poll will be placed into the Ride of The Year voting thread which will open December 1st of each year. The ROTY Champion will be awarded a zxforums.com ROTY Champion personalized t-shirt.

I will update the poll as entries are accepted in the entry thread.(click here for entry thread.)

Deadline for entries is 11:59pm (eastern time) on the 15th of the month.

After the deadline has passed, I will edit this thread so that the entries will be contained here in the voting thread to make voting quick and easy.

No entries will be accepted in this thread.

As always, if you have not won the ROTM contest during the current ROTY calender, you are eligible to enter.

Thank you and Good luck to the contestants!

Here they are:

57x's 2014 Ninja 1000

How about a change of pace this month??? Let's get the road sofas out and compete.

2014 Ninja 1000
Green, the fastest color!!!
I got the bike with only 1400 miles on it and now have about 4000.

Full Akrapovic header with stock cans. Perfect match. Lots more performance, only a little louder and a lot better tone especially at WOT
Ivan's tuned CDI
Ivan's Blockoff Plates to remove smog with a jumper plug to keep the FI light off
Stock over-the-counter Kawasaki color matched Saddle Bags
Over-the-Counter Kawasaki Rear Seat Bag
Sargent and Corbin Front Seats (I'm still deciding which I like better)
Battery Tender Cable with USB adapter so I can keep my phone charged
Ram Mount with X-Grip through the triple tube mount for my phone
CalSci Windscreen
Brand New set of Bridgestone BT-016 Pros just put on.

I loved my 2012 Z1000 and my 2008 Concours 14, but neither was perfect for me. This is right in between. Essentially the same engine/frame/fork setup as my 2012 Z1000, but with similar bags as the Connie and I can get my short legs over this beast. It is light and nimble with the bags off and can soak up the miles with bags on. The Ivan's tune with the Akra is FANTASTIC with torque way down there. It really woke this bike up, got rid of that part throttle herky-jerky crap. I just love it. Already on my second set of tires and only had it a few months.

KoflaOlivieri's 2010 ZX-14

Ok, here is my entry:

2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX14

This is going to be a short bio since the bike is practically stock. I bought the bike for my birthday four years ago with 772 miles on it, now has 4350 miles.

Mods are:
Shogun Frame Sliders, Helibar Handlebar Risers and Leo Vince Dual Slip-On Exhaust.

bgmagma10's 2012 ZX-14

Not sure if I qualify, but here are some of mine i would like to submit.

I bought my first bike in November of 2002 (99 ZX-6R). The rest is history. Had nothing but a bike for almost 8 years. Bought this 14R in August of 2013 as a left over so I could retire my ZX-10R to just a street bike. I was actually goingt o buy a new 10R when I ended up buying a 14R instead. I have to say i'm happy with it! It set the stock motor 1/8 mile record last year!

2012 ZX-14R
Rifleman 1/5 turn throttle
Lowered and strapped
10-14 over swing arm
-1+2 gearing
Brocks Ti Winder
secondaries out
Guhl flash
Seat pan
air shifter with on board compressor

And now after winter it has

Milled head and basic port cleanup
Stiff valve springs
little bigger intake cam
Best 1/4 mile so far [email protected]

Shooting for 7's on nitrous this year.


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This is up every month so I can add entries to the poll :dunno
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