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Vote for your favorite bike!

  • Woody's 1999 ZX-7R

    Votes: 6 21.4%
  • Bersrkerk's 2014 ZX-14R

    Votes: 11 39.3%
  • Zed Kables ZX-7R

    Votes: 5 17.9%
  • 57x's 2015 ZX-10R

    Votes: 6 21.4%

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This is the voting thread.

The winner of this poll will be placed into the Ride of The Year voting thread which will open December 1st of each year. The ROTY Champion will be awarded a zxforums.com ROTY Champion personalized t-shirt.

I will update the poll as entries are accepted in the entry thread.(click here for entry thread.)

Deadline for entries is 11:59pm (eastern time) on the 15th of the month.

After the deadline has passed, I will edit this thread so that the entries will be contained here in the voting thread to make voting quick and easy.

No entries will be accepted in this thread.

As always, if you have not won the ROTM contest during the current ROTY calender, you are eligible to enter.

Thank you and Good luck to the contestants!

Here they are:

Woody's 1999 ZX-7R

I bought my 99 zx-7r to replace my old
86 gpz600, what a world of difference.

Mods are:
Integrated tail light
K&N air filter
Dynojet jet kit
Float bowl mod
+4 els ignition advancer

Bersrkerk's 14 ZX-14R

So here is my '14 ZX14 and I'll put in the before, during and after photos so you can see some of the progression. For the mods:

Hayabusa Intake sticker on the nose, thanks Blink!

Fender eliminator W/LED plate lights
Coffman shorty Exhaust
RacInc clutch/brake levers
BrakeAway throttle lock
Double bubble windscreen
New plastics
Leather seat with gel pad and memory foam inserts
LED accent lights, Halo headlights
Michelin PR4 tires
Smoked turn signals
Smoked tail light w/turn signal
90 degree red valve stems
Red painted heel guards

I'll have pics of the seat in my gallery if anyone's interested in how it worked. I really like it and it was a total of about $60 for everything.

Zed Kable's ZX-7R

The average entry...

Double bubble, MCCT (courtesy of CCMHunt - cheers!), ground cams, 45t rear sprocket, Pirelli Diablos, 4 pot brake conversion, home made can bracket and riser/rear set plates, 1/4 turn throttle, straight through inlets. Ah yes, not forgetting holes in the seat pad courtesy of next doors cat who also loves it & often sheds hair on the chain lube.
Wife bought it for me - had to ride back in the snow with flat front tyre and a posh alarm that acted like a rev limiter/kill switch - down a motorway with more cameras than you could shake a stick at.
4 years later have tyres with air & no damned alarm + less/greyer hair.
Good luck to all other entrants - it's not winning that counts & donate my $50 to charity ;-)

I forgot to mention home made +4 advancer, kleen removed, ports welded in cam cover, cover painted black to disguise discolouration due to welding, rebuilt forks using All-Balls* racing kits and Silkolene* oil with a 95mm air gap. Nice, but a little naughty, slightly mis-aligned blue head lights that clears the way when riding in traffic, especially on the M25 where car-based myopia is the norm.
* other brands are available-I just went with stuff recommended on this site-so it's your fault if it all goes wrong:)

57x's 2015 ZX-10R

2015 ZX-10R
Mostly stock with only Integrated rear signals like the Euro ZX-10R and a rear Fender Eliminator.

I purchased this bike from CCM in Oklahoma. His boss was coming out to Laguna Seca for WSBK weekend to have his son race the KTM RC 390 spec series, so he brought my bike out to me. Thanks CCM!!

I rolled my bike over to the Laguna Seca Kawasaki pits and was able to get the tank signed by Rea and Sykes.


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Good for you for entering. No shame at all in that. Forces people like me to realize that I need to get my ass in gear and enter mine soon. Thanks.
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