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This is the Official ROTM Entry Thread

** The contest format will be an 11 month ROTM contest. Each monthly winner from January to November will be entered into a final poll in December for everyone to choose their favorite bike for the RIDE OF THE YEAR (ROTY). **

The winner of the ROTY will win a $50 CYCLE GEAR GIFT CARD!!!

-All bikes entered must belong to a ZXFORUMS.com registered member.

-All competitors must have at least 50 posts to enter the competition. We want to ensure prizes and glory go to real members of our forum.

-You must post a picture/pictures that everyone can see. No links!

-We would like to have some info on the bike, including year, model, mods, maybe a little story about the you and the bike.

-If the bike has won a Ride of the Month contest during the current ROTY campaign then you cannot enter that bike again. If you've got a new bike done differently...alright, I'll allow it.

-The entry must be a Kawasaki.

Once the deadline has passed, I will copy the entrant's posts to the voting thread to make voting easier. Also they will be added to the ROTY Voting Thread.

As always, the voting will be done in a separate thread found HERE


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since i missed last months rotm by a couple of hours i will put mine in this month.

zxr750L 1993ish, ive had it for years in storage and decided to get it up and running this winter. the big push came when my brother in law bought a 2006 zx6r.
the bike i bought had a whole in the frame filled with body filler and covered with a sticker so i bought a frame and built it up over the last 3 months and should have it road legal by this weekend.

spec list.
2015 zx10r forks big piston forks
2015 zx10r bottom yoke
2005 zx10r top yoke
zx6r ignition barrel
aprilia rsv tuono OZ racing wheels (slightly lighter than gen 1-3 zx10r wheels)
aprilia rsv millie gen2 swingarm
aprilia rsv milie rear brembo brake with wavey disc
320mm brembo front discs (from a ducati 748 i think)
zx9r b rear shock (rebuilt and re valved)
braided hoses all round including clutch
stubby leavers
1/5th turn QA throttle
SPA design speedo/tacho with built in shift lights
stainless motad headers with carbon fiber micron race can
carbon fiber front mudguard and exhaust hanger
clean air mod
NKG leads and plug caps
ever unused bracket removed
aluminium flue pump bracket, battery tray and electrics tray
lithium ion battery
single seat
ORIGINAL 1993 paint work on fairings and tank
probably a few more bits ive missed out

a link to the build thread, http://www.zxforums.com/forums/zx-7r-forum/182217-l-model-build-thread-finally.html

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1995 ZX-7R Crevier Muzzy Superbike

I got the bike in rough shape, missing some critical parts including fairings. Fortunately, I picked up a real Crevier superbike fairing set when I was up picking up all the other parts from Muzzy a while back. I had many of the missing parts in my parts stash to complete this bike, and sourced some others. This was not cheap exercise, but well worth restoring one of the few COMPLETE M superbikes left anymore. Still way less than a ZX10RR or H2.

I starting stripping it apart, cleaning everything and assessing what was missing. I then started polishing the frame, swingarm, etc., damn, that is hard work. As you can see in the pics, I layed everything out to confirm I was ready to start building. I assembled as many parts on the frame as I could before lowering the frame over it. Assembly is a painstaking task, leaning heavily on friends that know how these bikes go together. It is quite different than the street bike version.

Parts on the bike that I can remember. When I list Factory, it means KHI Factory Works. These parts were only available to the Factory teams:

- Factory Frame, upper fairing stay, gauge holder, clutch lever/cable, Ohlins shock, Ohlins damper

- Factory engine with magnesium covers including cable clutch transmission cover. Internals include Factory cases/head/crank/cams/rockerspistons/oil pump, Kit rods/transmission/valves/valve springs/retainers/clutch basket

- Muzzy Manufactured/Modified Swingarm, Subframe, battery tray, radiator brackets, side/lower fairing brackets, aluminum race fuel tank with carbon fiber cap, suspension link/dogbones for Factory shock, full titanium race exhaust for Factory engine (quite different than Muzzy retail exhaust, race carbon fiber fairings, gull wing triple clamp

- Kit tach, temp gauge, radiator, airbox, rear brake caliper/rotor, rearsets, front/rear wheel, rear quick release axle, front axle, sprockets, harness/CDI/Ignitor/coils/sensors, raised swingarm blocks

- Ohlins FG9400 Superbike forks with AP brake master/front calipers/rotors

- Muzzy kitted FCR 39s with race throttle


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Of all the ZX7 models, the 93-95 with the single ram air inlet are my favorites. Some real beauties here.

No entry from me yet, not enough posts lol. Getting closer though.
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