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Vote for the ROTY Champion!

  • 1) January: Spearzy's 94 ZX7 L2

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 2) February: 57x's 1995 ZX-7R Crevier Muzzy Superbike

    Votes: 10 43.5%
  • 3) March: Subzero's 1992 ZX-7R/9R

    Votes: 2 8.7%
  • 4) April: Bungles's 2014 ZX-14R

    Votes: 6 26.1%
  • 5) May: keepitgreen's 2003 ZX-7R

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 6) June: Dunner's 2015 ZX-14R SE

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 7) July: bgmagma10's 2012 ZX-14R

    Votes: 1 4.3%
  • 8) August: WillZX14's 2009 ZX-6R

    Votes: 1 4.3%
  • 9) September: Zed Kable's ZX-7R

    Votes: 1 4.3%
  • 10) October: Nito's 1993 M1 ZXR750R

    Votes: 1 4.3%
  • 11) November: keepitgreen's 1998 ZX-7R

    Votes: 1 4.3%

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Here it is! The Official ZXFORUMS.COM 2017 ROTY Poll!

Here we will be collecting and displaying each of our excellent Ride of the Month winners from January to November.

The poll (and the garage door) will open December 1st 2016 for everyone to swing by and take a look at the best Kawasaki bikes on our glorious forum!

And of course, the zxforums.com community will vote and present one contestant with the pinnicale of bragging rights - The 2016 Ride of the Year Champion

As mentioned in the rules thread the winner will receive a free $50 Cycle Gear giftcard!!!

Here are our contestants for this prestigious contest:

1) January: Spearzy's 94 ZX7 L2

I'll throw my hat into the ring. It's not a nut and bolt restoration but I have basically touched everything to make this bike really quite a nice example again.
It is a 1994 ZX-7 L2, I've done touch up painting on every cosmetic panel and new decals on the front cowl and tail.
New windscreen, new grips and levers, mirrors, new flushy turn signals/LED signals in the tail.
New chain, sprockets, tires (not pictured, just did that while in winter storage)
New Cams, 8 out the 16 followers also (worn needed replacing)
This bike is a driver, to be enjoyed, but also pretty.
I very much look forward to turning this machine loose this March, and continuing my progress as I go. (Micron full exhaust system later this year and jetting)
Thanks for your consideration! Gotta keep the classics going :)

A little back story about myself, I grew up on motorcycles, I raced motocross as a teen and had a few sport bikes in the 1990s (mostly 2 stroke, RG Gamma for example). After about 15 years of life without riding I am finally jumping back in and bought my dream bike. I've put more money into this machine than resale would dictate is sensible, and it isn't stopping anytime soon. I'm by title the 8th owner of this machine and plan on keeping this machine in my collection forever (I may buy more bikes never selling this). My inner 13 year old self would be very proud of what is going on here lol

2) February: 57x's 1995 ZX-7R Crevier Muzzy Superbike

1995 ZX-7R Crevier Muzzy Superbike

I got the bike in rough shape, missing some critical parts including fairings. Fortunately, I picked up a real Crevier superbike fairing set when I was up picking up all the other parts from Muzzy a while back. I had many of the missing parts in my parts stash to complete this bike, and sourced some others. This was not cheap exercise, but well worth restoring one of the few COMPLETE M superbikes left anymore. Still way less than a ZX10RR or H2.

I starting stripping it apart, cleaning everything and assessing what was missing. I then started polishing the frame, swingarm, etc., damn, that is hard work. As you can see in the pics, I layed everything out to confirm I was ready to start building. I assembled as many parts on the frame as I could before lowering the frame over it. Assembly is a painstaking task, leaning heavily on friends that know how these bikes go together. It is quite different than the street bike version.

Parts on the bike that I can remember. When I list Factory, it means KHI Factory Works. These parts were only available to the Factory teams:

- Factory Frame, upper fairing stay, gauge holder, clutch lever/cable, Ohlins shock, Ohlins damper

- Factory engine with magnesium covers including cable clutch transmission cover. Internals include Factory cases/head/crank/cams/rockerspistons/oil pump, Kit rods/transmission/valves/valve springs/retainers/clutch basket

- Muzzy Manufactured/Modified Swingarm, Subframe, battery tray, radiator brackets, side/lower fairing brackets, aluminum race fuel tank with carbon fiber cap, suspension link/dogbones for Factory shock, full titanium race exhaust for Factory engine (quite different than Muzzy retail exhaust, race carbon fiber fairings, gull wing triple clamp

- Kit tach, temp gauge, radiator, airbox, rear brake caliper/rotor, rearsets, front/rear wheel, rear quick release axle, front axle, sprockets, harness/CDI/Ignitor/coils/sensors, raised swingarm blocks

- Ohlins FG9400 Superbike forks with AP brake master/front calipers/rotors

- Muzzy kitted FCR 39s with race throttle

3) March: Subzero's 1992 ZX-7R/9R

1992 ZX7/9R

I built this bike from the ground up! Every nut, bolt and fastener is new or at least been touched by me. It has a 97 ZX9R motor in it that has been painted to match the bike. I'm using ZX9R CV carbs on it with a Factory Pro stage 1 jet kit, Airtech carbon fiber super bike style air box, Dyna 2000 ignition, Dyna coils, Dyna plug wires and NGK plugs. The frame, subframe and swingarm has been powder coated pearl white and pretty much everything else has been chromed! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


4) April: Bungles's 2014 ZX-14R

2014 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R

Bike name: Autismoto

Reason for buying: My Mid life crisis toy. Also was looking to get back into the drag racing scene after selling my car. Racing bikes seemed like a great idea. I always loved the Busa until the 14 came out and then couldn't pass this one up at $11k.

Here's the love I've put into the beast:
- MPS air shifter kit, MPS button w/ Slime minicompressor
- BMC air filter
- Schnitz ECU flash
- Schnitz tether kill switch
- Two Brothers VALE2 slip ons
- Catalyst Composites drag seat painted factory Ebony black
- PSR shorty kick stand
- Roaring Toyz lowering links
- Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions at about 6" over
- Brocks lowering straps
- Brocks clutch mod with heavy duty springs
- Shinko U-soft rear tire
- Vortex 43 tooth rear sprocket
- Red painted heel guards
- Red painted rear pegs
- Custom painted red tail delete
- Designed the Autismoto logo on the windscreen to honor my son Ethan diagnosed with Autism at age 2


5) May: keepitgreen's 2003 ZX-7R

This is my special lil pig, Katie..
Some pics are older than others. So some are without upgrades.

16k miles
Painted about 2 yrs ago w Kawi 617 green, clear coated over tank decal (great color as the green changes depending on the angle of the sun)
Stock motor
Jetted for full Micron system.
Galfer brake lines
Removed rear pegs and mounted aftermarket exhaust bracket.
Power Bronze hugger
Custom plate bracket
Shorty indicators
Snagged the upper fairing center light on ebay from UK
Recovered seats as the alligator skin from the pimp before me wasnt happening.

Thats about it.
Need to decide what to do w wheels and calipers at some point. In the color department.

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6) June - Dunner's 2015 ZX-14R SE:

2015 ZX-14R SE
17,000 KM's
Zero Gravity Corsa windscreen
Hindle Evolution Supersport exhaust
Dyno tuned
Yoshimura fender eliminator
Puig frame sliders
Bridgestone Battlax S21's

7) July - bgmagma10's ZX-14R:

From the Winners Circle this last saturday!!:grin2:

My 2012 14R. Currently stretched about 11 inches. geared 16/44, milled head, valve springs and a little bigger intake cam. Just on 89 pump gas still. Has been a best of [email protected] on motor and a best of [email protected] on a 28 jet of nitrous with a stock clutch with springs and a stock shock. Shooting for 7's this year with a new shock. This last weekend i was able to win our Ultra Street class and Runner up in Street ET on Saturday, and Won Street ET on Sunday.

8) August - WillZX14's 2009 ZX-6R:

Okay let's give this one a try. A few months ago, I decided to add another machine to the stable so went ahead and purchased this 2009 Kawasaki ZX6R with only 4000 miles on the clock.

Some of the minor upgrades:

TechSpec Rubber Tank side grips
M4 Shorty exhaust
Puig Dark Tint Windscreen
Pazzo Levers
Yosh Bar ends
Lime Green thin rim stickers
Integrated LED signal and tail/brake lights
HID Dual Head lights
Light smoke front signal lights
Rear frame sliders
T-Rex front Frame sliders with matching green ZX6R logos.

Well here she is.....

9) September - Zed Kable's ZX-7R:

Makes for a good screensaver too

No cat this time
Someone has to represent the se7ens

10) October - Nito's 1993 ZXR750R:

Nito's 1993 M1 ZXR750R:

Seeing as I have passed my initiation period of 50 posts. It’s now my turn to uphold the honour of the Super 7evens!!

This is my new to me (this year) M1 ZXR750R. I’d been lusting after one since seeing my first ZXR in 1992 and then fell for the M1 all over again in ‘93, a vintage year for Kawasaki by all accounts! It spent its life in an Italian collection with only 26 miles on the clock when I bought it. I am currently running it in carefully where it has now covered approx 400 miles. I expect to enjoy around 500 special miles per annum with it.

Mods are;
Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tyres to replace the as new original Bridgestone Battlax tyres which are being preserved.
Giannelli period correct NOS silencer so the original can be preserved.
Goodridge braided hoses all around incl clutch in stealth black (originals kept safe).
Optimate charge lead.
Hybrid ZXR R&G/Aprilia paddock stand bobbins


11) November - keepitgreen's 1998 ZX-7R:

This is what i got.

1998 Zx7R about 24k

This little bike i call Frenchie was an old race bike up in Denver. Had a few bumps and bruises but still has some life left so had to have it.
Started out with a vision of Kawasaki France Endurance
Then decided to pay respect to Japan who came up with such a beast as the 7. There are residual signs of Kawasaki France in the paint scheme which was all done with rattle can, including ordering kawi paint in cans before adding stickers and clear.

Stock motor
Airtech race fairings
New Samco hoses in blue
Muzzy exhaust (loud as hell)
A little carb jetting
Shocks had been rebuilt by STM in Colorado

Replaced swinger as original had a good ding
Replaced Rad
Replaced stock sub w a nice race subframe
Replaced stock tail w a solo race tail
Replaced exhaust hanger w nice Kawi hanger.
Replaced beat up wheels with other stock wheels
All of which came from Candyland. Hehe
Along with other bits to come.

New Dunlop Q3 tires
SES upper fairing stays
New RK 525 gold chain

Original fuel tank for now
Original air intake tubes for now

Still a work in progress.
But ROTM should have a 7 involved.

Only pics i have, which was before chain install and seat foam. But have nice black seat foam on.

Thats what i got for now. Hehe

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The Garage is getting full you guys! The battle for ROTY glory is nearing.

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Finally the 2017 Ride of the Year Championship is open for voting! It'll be open for the entire month of December so get your votes in!

I'll PM them but Dunner and bungles you need to update your photo because of photophucket so please send a link and I'll do that for you.
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