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Vote for the ZXF 2015 Ride Of The Year!!!

  • January - pvc_zx11's 2001 ZX-12R

    Votes: 2 4.4%
  • February - ccmhunt's 1996 ZX-7RR

    Votes: 19 42.2%
  • March - rswendsen's 2014 ZX-14R

    Votes: 2 4.4%
  • April - WillZX14R's 2012 ZX-14R

    Votes: 2 4.4%
  • May - Tx636Kid's 2004 ZX-6R

    Votes: 3 6.7%
  • June - corsair231's 1996 ZX-11D

    Votes: 2 4.4%
  • July - ciscozx14's 1991 ZX7

    Votes: 5 11.1%
  • August - wisniaPl's 2002 ZX-12R

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • September - 92K1500's 2012 Z1000

    Votes: 2 4.4%
  • October - milos ZX9R's 1997 ZX7R/2007 ZX10R

    Votes: 2 4.4%
  • November - Turbo329's 1998 ZX-7R

    Votes: 6 13.3%

  • Total voters
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Here it is! The very first Official ZXFORUMS.COM 2015 ROTY poll!

Here we will be collecting and displaying each of our excellent Ride of the Month winners from January to November.

The poll (and the garage door) will open December 1st 2015 for everyone to swing by and take a look at the best Kawasaki bikes on our glorious forum!

And of course, the zxforums.com community will vote and present one contestant with the pinnicale of bragging rights - The 2015 Ride of the Year Champion

As mentioned in the rules thread the winner will receive a free personalized zxforums.com t-shirt!

Here are our very first contestants in this prestigious new contest.

1) January ROTM winner - pvc_zx11's 2001 ZX-12R

2001 ZX12r with a a little over 33K on it now and still going strong.

Full Muzzy exhaust
CRG Shorty levers
Proton front blinkers
Hot Bodies Fender Eliminator
EBC Prolite Contour Rotors
EBC HH pads front/rear
Iridium Plugs
K&N Filter
Progrip grips
Bullet Hole Bar Ends
Michelin Power Pure front&back

And no garbage cans :happy:

2) February ROTM winner - ccmhunt's 1996 ZX7RR

KIT =Kawasaki official race kit parts Factory = Works parts made for/by WSB team
Factory works engine cases
Kit type D tranny
Kit tranny shafts
New shift forks and drum
Factory works crank
Kit TI PANKL rods
Kit crank and rod bearings (new obviously)
Factory works small pin, single ring pistons
Kit rings (new)
Kit cylinder (new)
Kit Gear drive (new)
Factory works head
Kit valves
Kit valve springs
Kit valve retainers
Kit cams
Kit cam gears
Kit crank gear
Factory works intake manifold
Kit carb clamps
Kit cam tensioner blockoff (new)
Kit alternator blockoff (new)
Kit starter kit blockoff (new)
Kit water pump
Kit oil pump (new)
Kit engine guard (new)
Kit oil line (new)
Kit gaskets (new obviously)
Kit clutch cable conversion (new)
Suter dry clutch
Kit oil pickup strainer (new)
Kit magnesium oil sump cover
Kit magnesium valve cover
Factory works ignition cover
Factory works tranny cover
Factory works oil cooler (new)
Kit water manifold (new)
Kit radiator fittings
Custom TI hollow engine mount bolts
Factory ally black anodized engine mounts
Factory works ex Doug Chandler radiator
Kit radiator brackets
41 fcr with kit carb kit installed (new)
Factory crankcase pressure cover (new)
Kit switch plug (new)
Kit endurance lift tube
Kit carbon fiber intake tubes
Carbon fiber airtray
Kit wire harness (new)
Kit cdi (new)
Kit ignitor (new)
Kit fuel pump relay (new)
Kit tipover switch (new)
Kit wire lead (new)
Kit stop/run switch (new)
Kit coils (new)
Kit coil bracket (new)
Kit spark plugs
Factory battery box
ZX7RR race team frame (not Factory)
Factory subframe
Works frame blocks
Kit top shock mount/ride height adjuster
Ohlins works shock
Factory works swingarm
Factory adjusters
Factory lift hooks
Blue anodized quick pull cup
Marchesini works rear wheel
Works sprocket carrier
DID 520 green chain
Brembo P2 rear caliper with TI pistons
Factory caliper bracket
Kit linkage and plates/TI bolts
ZXRR Motogp bike rear sets
Factory endurance race tank
Factory rear tank mount
Factory front tank mount
New fuel pump and filter
Factory upper fairing brace
Factory lower fairing stays
Factory quick release pins
Factory front instrument bracket/foam/rivets
Factory tach with temp display
Works Magnesium Ohlins steering damper
Magnesium upper triple clamp (adjustable)
Magnesium lower triple clamp
AP dual piston front brake reservoir system
Ohlins WSB FG96 forks rebuilt by Dan Kyle
Brembo front rotors
Marchesini magnesium front wheel
Brembo front calipers (rebuilt)
Akropovic 60mm superbike full TI exhaust
Akro carbon fiber exhaust hanger and strap
A-tech carbon Kevlar works Ex Japan superbike Yanagawa fairings
Carbon fiber undertail
MRA ECKL WSB screen w/works push pins
Kevlar intake reducers


3) March ROTM winner - rswendsen's 2014 ZX-14R

This is what a big, fast, powerfull motorcycle should look like!

My '14 14R BBW!

I was able to bolt on most of the mods from my '06:
Sargent single seat with the POD is the ticket
1 in bar risers
Cox Radiator Screen
GPR V4 Steering Stabilizer

Of course I just had to go CBLAST flash because well ... you know why, and The Yoshi R77 just seem to belong on this bike. I bought two passenger peg/exhaust hangers off of flea bay, ground off the excess crap and ended up with simple and easy to make custom can hangers. Almost forgot about the custom black heal guards - silver stock ones looked stupid on this bike.

As a side note, because of the past RINO Schwarzenegger and his friggin motorcycle exhaust laws I had to put Slip-On's R77 on this bike instead of the full system. I figured when I get tagged by the LEO for whatever and he writes me for the aftermarket pipes, the Silps are a hell of a lot easier to swap back to the big ugly stocker pipes to clear the fix-it ticket.

I think the beauty and power of this bike is exactly what is required to achieve the goal of understated elegance.


4) April ROTM winner - WillZX14R's 2012 ZX-14R

Okay, I'll give it another shot.

2012 ZX14-R

- Dual M4 Satin Black Exhaust System
- Puig Dark Smoke Tinted Windscreen
- Black T-Rex Rear Spools
- Black Frame Covers
- Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator
- HID 8000K
- Black Powdered Coated Genmar Caps
- Corbin Custom-Made Seat - Black Carbon Fiber with Black Asphalt Sides
- Genmar Bar Risers
- RAM Smartphone Mount
- Amber LED Signal Lights Front and Rear
- Black Pazzo Levers
- Black Shogun Uncut Frame Sliders
- Black European Design Rear Hugger with Silver Mesh
- Carbon Fiber Heel Guards

5) May ROTM winner - Tx636Kid's 2004 ZX-6R

This is my 04 636. Have a bit of a story behind her. My dad bought the bike back in 2011 from a guy that was in the military and just didn't have time for it. The bike looked like it had just rolled off the showroom floor with 10,500 miles. It was bone stock at the time. As soon as we got it home we stripped the bike down and started buying parts. The bike actually sat for 2 years in my garage as we did the build, with the occasional trailer trip to shops here and there when things needed to be done that I myself couldn't do. I did 90% of the work myself as my dad isn't very mechanically inclined, I also funded a lot of the parts. There were quite a few little hiccups along the way as always, but it all came together in the end. Our vision for the bike was to make it a track inspired street bike, and although there is still plenty I'm going to do, I think we captured the look we were shooting for. Long story short, when my dad got on the bike after the build, it scared him and he sold it to me...selling it to anybody else I didn't allow as an option lol. So here she is guys, hope you like it.

Custom painted fairing kit (tank designed by me and painted seperately)
Gold D.I.D 520 chain
Anodized Red Driven rear sprocket
Driven front sprocket
Anodized Red Driven D-3 grips
Red/green Spiegler braided brake lines
Power commander 3 w/ pro tune
Flashed ECU
Wiseco Piston kit 68mm bore
Factory pro velocity stacks
Factory pro Evo 7 shift star kit
Factory pro ignition advancer
YoyoDyne slipper clutch
All air box mods
BMC air filter
K&N oil filter
EBC double H brake pads
D&D exhaust w/ cat delete
Ballistic lightweight race battery
Rear seat cowl
LED smoked rear taillight w/ integrated blinkers
Proton flush mount blinkers
Fender eliminator
OEM style carbon fiber mirrors
Black aftermarket foot pegs
Lockhart Phillips red anodized full fairing bolt kit
Double bubble windscreen
Progrip carbon fiber tank protector
Black frame sliders
Black bar ends

I run Michelin Pilot Power 3's and love them. I also run water wetter coolant and Motul race oil (the green stuff).

Then of course there is all of the vinyls which I put on myself and the wheel stripes. I had some vinyls custom made with my last name, the number 3 and the American flag.

6) June ROTM winner - corsair231's 1996 ZX-11D

Here's my '96 ZX-11D. I got the bike last year from a guy who was going to part it out due to crash damage. I took it off his hands and began the reconstruction. It wasn't in too bad of shape mechanically with most of the damage cosmetic. It would crank and idle but wouldn't rev so I had to clean the carbs of course. Once I had the carbs right I had to get the cooling system back into shape. Luckily there was a shop close by that had a couple of salvage bikes that I raided for the pegs and small parts. Got a good deal on an unknown 4 into 1 on e-bay to replace the mangled stock cans. Now she was slowly returning from the dead. She was operational but not too pretty, looking like a half decomposed zombie with her busted fairings and all. Thanks to a bike I had had before I had some left over fairings from a light tip over that I had held onto when insurance replaced them back in '97. (That is a big win for the "I better hold on to that, I might need it some day. crowd.) I sourced the remaining stuff I needed from e-bay and C-list along with some decals from an overseas company. I really wanted OE but I couldn't bring myself to pay almost $100.00 for each Ninja so I think these work just great. I built a spray booth in my driveway out of pvc and plastic and the paint is duplicolor paint shop "Candy Apple Red". I think it turned out pretty good. She may not be the youngest gal at the ball, but she'll still turn a few heads. That being said I would like to submit my ZombieX-11 for ride of the month.

7) JULY ROTM winner - ciscozx14's 1991 ZX-7

Here is my last project a couple years in the making . I started with a 1991 zx7 that had a 440 skidoo engine in it ( no joke) then I picked up a cheap 07 zx10r . I've done this with a newer zx7r but nothing older . Ripped both down to the frames and started from scratch with the zx7 frame . The full front end , rear end , shocks, rims, brakes , everything is off the zx10 except for the body and tank , plus seat I guess. Then I went with the under tail exhaust , with a power commander , custom Guhl racing ecu flash ( so it's all unrestricted ) ram air filters, dropped a tooth in the front and threw on a new x ring chain and a new set of pp3 tires. I went with the uk themed K model paint ( with the red) to throw a different look to it . It tips the scales at 395lbs wet ! ! It's a unbelievable ride to say the least , very comfortable to ride and handles great , plus has a hard time keeping the tire on the ground !

8) August ROTM winner - wisniaPl's 2002 ZX-12R

Let me try

I always liked unique things that’s why searched for zx12r for a while, I mean Bike was built to hit 200mph huge cool factor. Im 6’2” 220 and It fits me just perfect
Bought it from 1st owner with 6k miles,bones stock beside blinkers and neglected sitting in garage for 2+years…..rode 3h each way to get it…
Since then
I disassembled Bike completely( Im very anal)
Replaced fluids, valve cover gasket, plugs etc etc
Retrofitted My headlights with projectors and halos, also painted housing black
Flush mount blinkers and integrated taillight
Added Bonneville box(bye bye 186mph)
Scotts dampener
SS brake Lines
Full muzzy exhaust Ceramic painted
Power commander V +Auto tune
+4 ignition advanced
Kleen air mod
Added white indiglow gauges
Gear indicator
Gold levers
For those top speed runs lowered bike .5 inches up front which helps big girl corner much nicer
Mirror block of plates

DE stickered people call it zx6r or zx9r LOL
There is more I will do when I can
I also will test out top speed with gps on stock gearing Hoping to break 200 mph, and do some loring
The day I got it Rode it back



9) SEPTEMBER ROTM winner - 92K1500's 2012 Z1000

I figure I'll enter my 2012 Z1000.

Let the mods commence!

Fender eliminator
CustomLED integrated tail light
LED markers and turn signals
Toyota LED projector headlights with demon eyes
LED strips in the intake grilles, above the engine, in the belly pan, and under the tank
Rizoma handlebar
Driven grips
eBay bar end mirrors
Tank pad
Sargent seat
Akrapovic full single exhaust
Exhaust servo delete
Air box mod
Kleen air block off plates
ECU flash
Power Commander
Penske 8983 rear shock
Traxxion fork springs
K&N Air filter
Racing 905 race armor
434 racer orange shorty levers

Here is how she sits now.

9) OCTOBER ROTM winner - milos's ZX7RX

This is my ZX7RX - my project bike built in my garage over the winter of 2013/2014. It’s basically an 1997 Zx7R P2 chassis & wheels combined with 2007 ZX10R engine, full architecture & swing arm. It took a bit of head scratching and courage boosting until I chopped the first "old" engine mount off but the project soon took pace and - in fact - is still under development ;-). In the process bike lost considerable amount of weight - now showing 210kg fully fuelled (22L) with lot of further weight saving potential – there is not a single titanium bolt yet, foot pegs are standard and bodywork is original.

Modifications done:
1) new engine mounts designed by me, made & welded professionally
2) ZX10R '07 engine, full architecture & swing arm mounted
3) frame& fairings sprayed by me, decals custom made by motolepo.cz
4) rear wheel captive spacers developed by me to mate 7R wheel with 10R swing arm
5) carbon intake covers (not pictured)
6) dual headlight conversion (10R loom uses single headlight)
7) R&G swing arm bobbins
8) Yoshimura R22 stainless steel exhaust with custom made link pipe
9) fuel tank enlarged to 22L to accept 10R fuel pump

The plan is to invest into full Ohlins stuff – front and rear, BST carbon wheels, Brembo brake setup and Bazzaz fuelling+quickshifter+traction module to get the most of already nice riding bike to be a real pain in the **** for modern bread of machines ;-). Currently on my workbench there is a WP remote res. shock being refreshed.

11) November ROTM winner - Turbo329's 1998 ZX-7R

I would like to submit my ride for ROTM.

1998 ZX7R
Here are the stats as she sits now.

Wiseco 74.5mm High Compression Pistons (779cc)
Cylinders Bored Over 1.5mm
Webcamshafts Cam Grind/Hardweld
Kibblewhite Springs and Titanium Retainers
APE Crankshaft Lightened 5lbs and Balanced to 14,000rpm
Carrillo Connecting Rods
Worldwide Bearings Ceramic Transmission Bearings
Worldwide Bearings Ceramic Camshaft Bearings
Slipper Clutch Kit Configuration
KLEEN System removed
CR9EK Spark Plugs
Polished Exhaust Ports
Muzzy Full System Exhaust
520 Chain Conversion w/ Vortex Sprockets -1, + 1
IGNITECH TCIP4 Programmable Ignition Module
DYNA Coils
Super Conductor 8mm Spark Plug Wires

Jet Needle: OCFMP - 7th clip (richest) position
Needle Jet: Primary Type
Main Jet: #165 - all 4 cylinders
Main Air Jet: #180
Pilot Jet: #55
Pilot Screw: 2 turns out
Slow Air Screw: 1.25 turns out
Float Height: 9mm
Airbox: Stock with Metal Screen Filter Only
Velocity Stacks: - Taller Intake Tract with FCR Adapters; Stock Rubber Stacks

Airtech Endurance Bodywork
Sharkskins Tail Section
Squidskinz Ram Air Tubes
Marvic Piuma Magnesium Wheels
Single Headlight w/ Custom Wiring
Penske Rear Suspension
Ohlins Fork Internals
Integrated Tail Section Turn Signals
Flush Mounts
Ballistic Lightweight Battery
Double Bubble Windscreen
Vortex Clip-ons
Renthal Hand Grips (Hard)
Custom Motion-Pro Throttle Cables for FCR41
Galfer Brake Rotors and Pads
Titanium Rotor Bolts
MUZZY Aluminum Fan Blades

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Come and enjoy the bikes, VOTE and discuss the years best ZXF bikes!!!

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Nice looking bikes!

I was leaning towards #2. Nicely done and really looks cool. But I'm very partial to the 14r and think Will's 14 stands out with the gloss black paint.

Tough decision to be honest.

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Maybe there should be some kind of reward system for those who vote? :wink2:

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Such an amazing assortment of splendid motorcycles, can't wait to see who comes in second :biggrin:

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There was never any doubt at least in my mind who would win BOTY.

Congrats Chris. That Yanagawa replica is on another level.

.......I can't help but feel like 2nd place is a win though. :smile2:

.....hard to not be happy with an all ZX7R podium.


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Thanks man, honored. I still have work to do on it ; swap out for Factory frame and correct factory magnesium gull wing triples, final touches.
Your bike was touch company, and lots of work went into it.
Every bike on there was a winner.
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