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I have used the swingarm extenders and they work great. The issue I'm having is a very bouncy rear shock being that I have a 8 inch extention it added way too much leverage on the bike..

I'm not a skinny dude ether im 260 and the bike is pissed enough that I'm on it.

I was looking into replacing the shock with a solid strut but I would like to have a back for a few more years..

What else can I do? Stiffer spring? if so I have no clue where to took and get one.

Some input would be greeat. Thanks!

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Stiffer spring.

http://www.racetech.com is a good start. Be sure to let them know what kind of application it is for, your weight, what bike... all that.

Also, howdy neighbor.

<- milwaukee area.
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