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hello my friends..

I am having my zx12 rides throught september..so now i am starting to have some extra needs from the bike..i live in greece-we dont have many empty str8 roads,we have a lot of corners,starts and stops,heavy traffic and all these that make zx12 driving more difficult,now you will ask why i bought,i bought the bike cause i love the looks,the power and the history of it also because i live just out of athens and i make 80km a day to go and to leave my work.

I am 81kg and 1.83 cm in height.i found the bike really stable in high speeds but also to heavy to control in the low speeds.i tried to adjust my suspension with the help of my manual but i stopped when i realized that i dont feel any `clicks` throught my screwdriver..:smile...

I have a blue 02 with a 190/50 rear tire...what do you think about the setting up for faster cornering and comfort in low speeds,and also what about not feeling clicks in both front and rear suspension.

thx a lot
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