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Hello everyboy...this is my first post. My name is Luca and I write from Italy (well....not true, I'm writing from Spain right now but I'm italian). I own a 2004 zx-6r with a bunch of parts on it...something like
- Ohlins modified fork
- WP rear shock
- Brembo 19x20 radial
- Shark manifolds + Arrow exhaust
- Cruciata full fairings
- sprocket, brake lines, BMC air filter and all the classical stuff

I'm about to put a new head on my engine with SuperSport cams and the gearbox from the 2005 with all the clutch.
I've bought a SuperSport ECU to get the best from all of this stuff but I don't have a map to start with the fine tuning.

As anyone some maps for this unit or have I to start from scratch?

Thank you people!
Keep ridin'!

p.s.Here's my baby (here with the old exhaust)
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