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I purchased my new 250 last Saturday, and on day number 2, I hit some gravel while turning on a left handed curve and laid it down. I'm a new rider, and I suppose looking back on it I could've probably kept it upright and just rode it out through the open cornfield.. but that was then.

The slide completely destroyed the left turn signal. I purchased a stock OEM signal fairly cheap and already replaced it. Now I've got to figure out a solid solution to repair the gouges out of the plastic and paint along the left side of the cowl. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm contemplating purchasing the Aerosol set via this link from color rite, http://www.colorrite.com/product/kawasaki-candy-lime-green-1534.cfm

Is there more than just this that I will need to really repair the gouges in the plastic? If anyone needs pictures to see what it looks like, I'll more than gladly post a few.

Thanks for the help!:cheers
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