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Now I have been recently checking out Meta-Cafe' and some of those other online movie posting sites and have seen some of the ridiculous yet really cool stunts that people do. I was wondering if people had any pointers on how to learn to do things like wheelies, stoppies, burnouts and other such things, maybe some of those "whatever you do, DON'T do this" type things.

... I gotta wonder how many bikes those guys go through...

Anyway, I just think it'd be neat to learn, make riding a little more interesting, and to see if my old zx1000r has what it takes to do some of these things! (She feels SOOO heavy compared to sitting on some of the new ones when I'm dreaming at the dealerships!):rolleyes


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First step is you have to realize that if you are just learning you're gonna drop a couple of tims at least. Older bikes do have what it takes to stunt I had an old 600 and it would hang wheelies for miles.
I would suggest if you have access to a bike you don't care about use it.
With wheelies don't try and push yourself to hard. It will come w.ith time it also helps if you have people to ride with that can show you the right way to do these things. Make sure to cover the rear brake so you don't loop it and screw yourself up. There is a good video out there that will explain the basic fundementals on wheeling it is Wheelies From Dummies by Kyle woods and Matt Gorka. I bought and it helped out alot.
Stoppies are the hardest thing to learn because there is no way to correct them if they should go bad and you will go over and mess yourself up. With these I would suggest using a dirtbike or a 50 to learn on.
Burnouts are easy. Keep pressure on the front brake and release the clutch and give it gas. Soon enough your tire will go up in smoke. Just don't let go of the brake with shut it down or you may launch it skyward.
I have a copy of some info I could send you if you would like some more info on this stuff. Just send me a PM if you want this stuff and I'll send it to you.
good luck
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