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It's that time of year, I'm headed to Indy with Andrew and Aubrey to work the Teknic apparel and Bell helmets booths. Solid pricing going on this weekend, stop by and try some gear on. There was a great forum member turnout last year, stop by for a handshake from your favorite STG employee (me, not Andrew:nono) and a solid discount if you're looking for some gear.

We will be down there all weekend and as of right now I've got no firm plans for the downtown nightlife other than dinner with a few vendors. Let me know if anyone is doing anything and maybe we can make some plans. Facebook me and I'll give you my cell number.

We will have suits and try on and air conditioning in the changing rooms. Get fitted for a suit in person instead of having to guess on sizing (even though I'm a sizing EXPERT).

If you haven't been there, downtown Indy is CRAZY busy at night. This is just a fraction of the bikes down there.

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