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its been a sense I've been on but i've noticed at least 2 spam posts that want to install spyshredder here is a a little info on this and how to uninstall it if it got you

SpyShredder, or Spy-Shredder, is the successor to the rogue anti-spyware program called SpySheriff . SpyShredder is installed on your computer without your permission through the use of Trojans and other malware. Once installed, the Trojans will display messageboxes on your screen stating the following:

"NOTICE: If your computer has been running slower than normal, it may be infected with Viruses, Adware or Spyware. Spy-Shredder will perform a quick and completely FREE scan of your system for malicious programs. Download Spy-Shredder for FREE now!"

What it purposely not telling you, though, is that when run SpyShredder is run it will display fake and exaggerated results and then require you to purchase the software before you can fix anything. Needless to say you should not purchase this software as the program and its accompanying malware are the actual infections.

if you have this after visiting one of the links go here to read more
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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