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I took my 2018 ZX14R to a local mechanic after I found the clutch was biting in different spots on the lever and would sometimes not bite enough and lugged the bike from a stop but didn't seem to slip anywhere else. After he completed the work, I was told that he found the judder-spring in the wrong location on the clutch stack and a return spring with a broken locating tab. He put the clutch stack back into the right order and put everything back and added Brocks clutch shims set at .040". He measured the plates and stated that they were all within spec.
The only mechanic that had the clutch out before claims that he never would have stacked the clutch wrong and that it's almost impossible to miss. That I would have noticed a difference in clutch play the moment I left his shop and not 1000 miles later when clutch issues occurred. He said he would take half blame and pay for the labor and parts to get the spring-leaf replaced.
1. Is it good to continue riding the motorcycle with a broken locating tab on a spring-leaf (Tab was found and removed from the engine)?
2. Could it be possible that the clutch could only show problems after 1000 miles of riding and not immediately?
3. Could it be that the clutch shims are merely masking an issue that I don't know about yet?
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