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Alright guys, my rebuild is finally coming to a close and now I've got a few spare parts lying around taking up space. Some prices are flexible, mostly worried about shipping being covered. Smaller pieces will most likely be shipped in a UPS flat rate box and shouldn't take more than a day or two to have shipped. Larger items may take a couple days or more to ship because the UPS store is about 30 mins away. All prices do not include shipping fees.

Fairing Kawi Green
Left Mid(Road rash and one tab towards the bottom broke off)- $25
Right Mid- SOLD
Tail(Road rash along left side and small scuff on right)- $35
Tail#2(Pretty bad shape)-SOLD
Seat plastics- $15 for the set $10 separate
Seat plastics#2(Corner is missing on left one)-$5 for set
Dash Trim-SOLD
Gas Tank(Small Dent on upper left corner)-$35
Tank Cover(crack/rash left side)-$20
Plastics under air intake X2- $5 each

Carbon Fiber Lowers- $50 Set
Right(Rash and tear near lower hole)-$30
Left(Scratch along lower side, minor blemishes) $35

Right Clip on- $15
Left Rearset- $20
Right Rearset(Brake lever broke in usual spot + foot rest is bent in)-$5
Seat lock mechanism- $5
Exhaust cover (Not heatshield)- $10

Have pics of all, just give me an email address.
Leave a message here or send me a PM

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Picture of tail number 1 ?
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