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Hi all

Riding home last Friday night - could hear a creaking noise coming from the yokes area, thinking what's this? then I remembered it was the same noise as when my crash bungs worked themselves loose.

Torqued the r/h side to 44, start to tighten the l/h and it just turns and pulls out!

The bolt supplied by R&G has sheared off just as the thread starts! I have now been left with the portion of threaded bolt stuck in my frame and engine mount, still in the nut at the back - DOH!

As I have being doing loads of searching over the wend (and fitting blinds!) I understand the engine and frame mounts on a zx6r 636 C1H (05) are not threaded - could someone confirm pls.

Plan of attack - buy some l/h drill bits and bolt extractor. Punch a hole in said bolt, use l/h drill bit and hope it grips and pulls the bolt out. If that dosen't work try the bolt extractor.

I'm hoping cause the bolt at the back of the engine mount is kinda recessed it will help with the l/h drill bit gripping. If I remember when you are torquing the sliders the nut holds firm in the back.

Any pointers would be sweet as It's the first time I've had to drill a bolt out.



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On this side of the pond, Sears sells sets of extractors that are a left-handed drill bits until they get so deep, then they bind up and become extractors to remove the broken end. There must be a similar product available there.
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