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For sale, in Seattle, shipping costs what is costs. Will update post as I find and sell stuff.

As of 07-07-2019.........

*1989 "C" model Forks, complete-$125

*1992-93 "E" model tank, fair condition, no cap/petcock-$75

*1989 "C" model tank, dented/repaired, with petcock/gauge-$50

*Manuals for C and D models, including EX500, $15/each

*Fiberglass race body upper for "D/E" model, headlight filled in but has mirror mounts and holes for "E" model snorkels, some damage-$100

*Seat from something, maybe a "D" model?-$40-SOLD

*4-into-1 race header, think it is for "D/E" models. 32mm diameter, 75mm spacing between cylinders
1/2 and 3/4, 105mm between 3/4, no can-$50

*"D" model fork tubes/lowers/springs-$depends on what you want

*Engine side covers for "D" model, clutch cover, charging cover, etc. NEW-Found a reinforced crank end cover suitable for racing-Ask for details

NEW-Wire harness, a CDI, fuse boxes, etc. Send me needs and I will send pics.

NEW-Throttle/right side switchgear with kill switch and starter

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