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Scuderi Split Cycle Engine - again

A few recent articles popped up about the Scuderi Split Cycle engine. The reason for the latest interest is because of the funding they recently received of around $8 million dollars, including $1.2 million from the Department of Defense. They also say they are going to show their technology to the SAE next month.

The Scuderi Split Cycle engine periodically shows up in the news, we’ve covered it here before. It has been hyped and talked about and explained and modeled and the Scuderi Group even has a nice website. What they don’t have is an engine. They have a nice DVD showing how it works, they expect to have a working model next year, it will save gas and lower emissions and they are going to revolutionize the internal combustion engine.

For those unfamiliar with the technology, the Scuderi engine utilizes two cylinders, one for compression, one for power with an interconnecting passage. After the air is compressed it is instantly transferred to the other cylinder where fuel is injected and a spark ignites the mixture slightly after TDC. Because of the timing of the ignition and exhaust valve opening, it claims to be very efficient. If you follow the animations and explanations, it sounds good.

The latest twist is to use the compression cylinder to add to a compressed air tank during braking and then use this stored compressed air to help run the engine, increasing efficiency even further. This sounds even better.

The problem with the Scuderi engine is the design and development which have been going on forever with nothing to show for it. The Scuderi Split Cycle Engine may actually be a hot air engine, built primarily from hot air. Contrast this with the Crower Six Stroke engine where Bruce Crower gets an idea, goes down to his shop and builds an engine, no fancy web site or DVD brochures, he just builds an engine. The Scuderi Group does have some really nice brochures, though.

Source: The Kneeslider
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