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I was at the local Two Wheeled Tuesday event here and up pulls in a beautiful red ZX-14 with a single-side Muzzys titanium pipe on it. It looked very good!

I really love the red Kawi did on the 14 this year, I would like to see the ZX-10R in that same shade!

The 14 looks way better in real world use instead of under all those lights at the dealership. The Muzzys looked sharp and sounded very good too.

I thought the entire Busa-driven Ruff Ryders chapter was gonna flip out when they saw it - but they just crowded around and I hope they were thinking of trading those Busa's in.

Great bike - I should be able to ride one here within the next couple weeks. Buddy put a deposit down on a blue one, but have yet to see any blue one at any dealer in this region. They are all red and black and sold out!!
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