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so i just got a ninja 250r 2005... my first cycle ...

i ordered a rear demon and was putting it back on when i knocked the brake pad out..and i pumped the brakes a couple times to try and figure out how it work i hear a pop!! and brake fluid hitting the ground :((((

so i put everything back put new dot4 fluid bleed them several times via the bleed nut no leaks.... but only one piston is moveing.. what did i do? i have to buy new pads now... anyways...my dad says i popped a piston.. nothing fell out...i found a spring i don't know were that goes i think i threw that away thinking it didn't go on my bike...

if i popped a piston how do i get it back... all the tut i found via google were rebuild nothing about popped pistons..
the bike has 20000 miles on it eng has... 4000...
should i just buy new calipers steel brade lines?
how much does the above cost?
thy any help guys...
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